Melbourne Market Coronavirus (COVID-19) response

The MMA is continually monitoring the latest advice from Government Departments about COVID-19, and we are taking a proactive approach and putting plans in place to help ensure everyone’s health and safety.

If you are feeling unwell, you should stay at home and seek medical advice.

Do not attend the Market for work, or to purchase produce, if you are feeling unwell in any way


This includes both the fruit and vegetable market and the flower market.

The Melbourne Market is an essential service and is vital in the supply chain of food. Along with the health and safety of Market users, our priority is to remain open to deliver fresh produce to Victorians.

Changes to Market operations

From 8:00pm Thursday 5 August, Victoria will enter stage four lockdown in response to the growing COVID outbreak. Therefore, the following rules currently apply at the Melbourne Market:

  • Fitted face masks are mandatory and are required to be worn at all times while on market land, both indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Market cafes will be providing a take away service (only), therefore no seated area available for use.
  • Gates 2 and 3 and the P1 pedestrian turnstile will be closed, with all vehicle and foot traffic required to come through Gate 1; allowing Market Relations Officers to ensure that all market users are wearing a face mask.
  • Only one person per electric vehicle or buggy, no passengers.
  • Market visitors are restricted from entering the market during Stage four lockdown.

We ask you to be vigilant and continue to follow COVIDSafe practices.

  • Social distancing must be strictly adhered to, you must keep 1.5 metres from others wherever possible.
  • Do not attend the Melbourne Market if you are feeling unwell.
  • If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, get tested and isolate until you receive a negative result.

Exposure sites

You should regularly check to see if you have attended any COVID exposure sites and follow relevant advice.
Any access cardholders from external market-related businesses listed as tier 1 or 2 exposure sites will not be able to enter the market until quarantine periods have passed and proof of a negative COVID test is presented. Click here to access the current list of Victorian exposure sites.

QR code scanners

The MMA encourages all market businesses to post QR code scanners at the entrance to their premises to assist with fast contact tracing should the need arise.
If you visit any market premise with a QR code on display, we ask that you register before entering the store, warehouse or work area.
You can register and print a QR code at 

Penalties for non-compliance

To help ensure the safety and business continuity of the Melbourne Market, the MMA is imposing penalties for those deliberately not following social distancing rules, or for those not wearing face masks.
Under Operating Rule 12(b), A Person on Market Land must comply with the OH&S Plan and all relevant OH&S Requirements at all times; therefore any person found deliberately breaking social distancing rules, or, not wearing a face mask will be subject the following penalties:
1st offence – Warning that is recorded in a Market user’s file
2nd offence – 24-hour suspension from the Market*
3rd offence – 14 day suspension from the Market*
*Any suspension is effective from the next business day
Market Relations Officers will also issue penalties ‘after the fact’ for non-compliance with social distancing rules as part of their current review of CCTV footage.

To support the enforcement of these rules, you can read the Melbourne Market Social Distancing and Face Mask Policy.

Notifying the MMA of COVID-19 cases

To allow the MMA to take all appropriate actions to combat any spread of COVID-19, you must inform us if you have either:
– Been diagnosed with COVID-19
– Determined by the DHHS as a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case
Notifying the MMA in these instances allows us to implement measures such as sanitising cleans to relevant areas and notifying appropriate people and businesses. Please call the 24-hour security number on 0408 334 555, if either scenario applies to you or your business at any stage.

Reducing the risk of COVID-19 at the Market

The critical piece of advice for Market users is, if you are feeling unwell, you should stay at home and seek medical advice. Do not attend the Market for work, or to purchase produce, if you are feeling unwell in any way.

The Federal and State Government continue to stress the importance of social distancing.

When at the Market you must:

  • Think about how you can alter your daily tasks to minimise direct close contact with others around you
  • You must not handshake, hug, kiss hello or similar
  • Wash and sanitise hands regularly
  • Keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres between yourself and fellow Market users where possible

The MMA has implemented several initiatives to help stop the spread of COVID-19

  • Installing visual guides on the floor to assist with social distancing
  • Installing additional hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the Market
  • Increased general cleaning schedules around the Market
  • Increasing common-area toilet cleaning schedules to every two hours
  • Displaying signage reminding market users to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly

Business Support

This crisis is unprecedented, and the MMA understands that market tenants face extraordinary challenges in the immediate future.

Both the Federal and Victorian Government have already announced a range of measures to support small and medium businesses through this crisis.
The below links are provide details for seeking financial assistance and business support should you need it. – sole traders – businesses


If you have any further questions, you can call the 24-hour security number, 0408 334 555.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

8AM - 4PM, MON - FRI