Canopy Project Update


The MMA has begun the construction of new undercover parking canopies.

Once completed, the six canopies that will sit between the trading floor, Buyers’ Walk and cross-over forklift highways, on both the northern and southern sides of the market, will provide an additional 2.2 hectares of undercover parking.

The canopies have been designed to satisfy the logistical needs of the market community but also to maximise environmental benefits.

This is the biggest construction project at the Melbourne Market since our move to Epping, with an estimated completion date of March 2022.

Watch the below video to learn more about our solar undercover parking canopies, including a virtual fly-through of the completed structure.

Parking Bay Relocation

As of Wednesday 18 August 12:01 am, the final group of parking bays will be temporarily relocated as construction moves onto the last set of canopies.

Details of the relocations are summarised below, or click here to download the pdf, that lists all businesses affected by the temporary relocation.

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