Form library

New Business Start-Up Pack

This all-in-one pack contains all forms required for new businesses joining the Melbourne Market. Download the form and visit the ‘Accessing the Market‘ page for more information.


Access Cards

To apply for an access card follow the process on the ‘Accessing the Market’ page.

Access card application form.


Market Business Nominee

Every business in the Market must have a business nominee. Complete the Market Business Nominee form.



To apply for parking follow the process on the ‘Parking permits’ page.

Parking bay application form

Parking bay disposal form


Produce Delivery

Application for produce delivery form


Direct Debit Authority

To apply for direct debit authority for Market related fees.

Direct Debit Authority Form


Trading Stand Licence

To express your interest in a trading stand licence please complete the Fruit and vegetable trading stand licence expression of interest online form


Internal Review Notice

To apply for an internal review of an infringement notice.

Internal Review of an infringement notice form


Connection: power

For information on stand power visit the ‘Business connection’ page.

WINenergy fact sheet

WINenergy form

Melbourne Market Stand Power Registration Form


Connection: water and glycol

For information on water and glycol connection visit the ‘Business connection’ page.

Water and glycol connection form


Connection: Tenant service connections

Tenant service connections fact sheet


Connection: Wi-Fi

For information on Wi-Fi visit the ‘Business connection’ page.

Wi-Fi Expression of Interest Application form.



For information on applying for a mailbox visit the ‘Business connection’ page.

Mailbox Expression of Interest form


North LPG Station

North LPG Station Registration Form



For information on registering a forklift or electric vehicle visit the ‘Forklifts and electric vehicles’ page.

Forklift and Electric Vehicle Application Form

MMA Vicroads Forklift Customer approval letter

MMA Approved Vehicle Registration Renewal Transfer User Guide


Pooling equipment

For information about pooling equipment visit the ‘Pooling Equipment page.

Pool Equipment Account (pallets) form


Application for  film and photography

Application for film production and still photography form


Children in the Market

Registration form for Children in the Market event

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