Forklifts and electric vehicles

When driving a forklift, you are responsible for your safety and the safety of people around you.

There are a number of rules you must follow, and will be enforced using a demerit point system.

View the Forklift Fact Sheet.

Using forklifts and electric vehicles at the Market


There are designated forklift routes at the Market so that pedestrians and forklifts do not cross paths.

You can only drive your forklift on the authorised forklift routes and must not enter or cross into the pedestrian paths.

  • Many access points mean you can move around quickly
  • Use the forklift ‘highway’ outside when moving produce from truck to stand
  • If not using your forklift, store it at your stand or parking bay (if space)
  • Forklifts should not be left idle on the trading aisles
  • Forklifts are not allowed on the buyers’ walk or pedestrian aisles

Work out your route before you start moving your forklift, by using the maps or the Melbourne Market Navigator smartphone app. The app will calculate the fastest forklift route from your current location.

Be safe, you can’t use your smart phone while operating your forklift.


  • You can’t use your phone while operating a forklift so map your route on the app before you start your journey. Non-compliance: 1 demerit point.
  • Always wear a seatbelt when operating a forklift. It could save your life if the vehicle overturns. Non-compliance: 1 demerit point.
  • Smoking is not permitted while operating a forklift (smoking is only permitted in designated areas). Non-compliance: 1 demerit point.
  • Always stick to the speed limit. Non-compliance:
    1-5 demerit points.
  • Always use operating lights when visibility is low. Non-compliance: 1 demerit point.
  • Always carry your driver and forklift licences, and your market access card. You could be asked to present these at any time.
  • Make sure your load is stable and secured. A load should never be higher than your forklift mast.
  • You need to be fully alert when driving a forklift so headphones are not permitted.
  • A forklift or electric vehicle may only be operated by a person who is the holder of a current certificate of competency issued by a recognised training provider. The person must also hold a current Victorian driver licence. If an unlicensed or unqualified person is found to be operating a forklift or electric vehicle, the Melbourne Market Authority (MMA) may revoke the registration of the vehicle.
  • Owners and operators of vehicles must observe all Operating Rules, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Codes of Practice, and the Road Safety Act 1986, Road Safety Procedures and Regulations 1988 and associated regulations, at all times.
  • Any forklift or electric vehicle brought on to Market land as a hire, tester or replacement forklift, must have MMA permission and be compliant with the above conditions.
  • Forklifts and electric vehicles may not be loaned, unless the business is an approved hirer of vehicles.

The MMA requires forklifts and electric vehicles operating in the Market to comply with the following:

  • Forklifts and electric vehicles must be registered with both MMA and VicRoads – when registering at VicRoads, the correct classification for electric vehicles at the Melbourne Market is PF.
  • Forklifts and electric vehicles must display a current MMA registration plate, registration expiry sticker and VicRoads registration plate.
  • Forklifts must be powered by LPG or battery, and be fitted with a 3-way catalytic converter and closed loop emission system. Petrol systems must be removed.
  • Forklifts emission levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) must be maintained at or below:
    • 2000 ppm at idle
    • 1000 ppm at full throttle
  • Forklifts and electric vehicles must be maintained in a safe and mechanically sound condition at all times.
  • Any industrial vehicle brought into the Market on a hire, loan or test basis, must have MMA permission to operate and must comply with these conditions.


To be registered for operation in the Melbourne Market:

  • The forklift or electric vehicle must pass an MMA vehicle examination by a qualified repairer and a copy of the test report must be provided.
  • A copy of current VicRoads registration must be provided.
  • New vehicles being registered for the first time require (in addition to the above):

o   a copy of the sales invoice

o   an Application for Vehicle Registration to be completed.

o   a VicRoads Vehicle Customer Approval Letter to be completed.

o   the vehicle and required documentation to be presented in person to the Customer Service Centre.

Download the MMA Approved Vehicle Registration Renewal Transfer User Guide, which will provide all the details you need, to ensure your vehicle is properly registered.

Note: posted applications will not be processed.

LPG cylinders fitted on vehicles operating in the Market must comply with the following requirements:

  • Cylinders must be fitted in accordance with the standard AS/NZS 1425-1999 (LP Gas Fuel Systems for Vehicle Engines) and be certified by an Authorised Engineering Signatory.
  • Cylinders must have been tested and certified within the last 10 years and be fitted with a fast-fill mechanism.
  • Cylinders must be fitted with an automatic fill limiter (AFL) valve.
  • If fitted on a counterweight, only a single bottle may be fitted.
  • If roof-mounted:
    • cylinders must not exceed mast height (with tunes on the ground),
    • cylinders must have an AFL on a fixed tank installation and be fitted with a remote fill mechanism.
  • Where dual roof-mounted, the forklift must be fitted with (in addition to the above):
    • a spring-loaded non-return valve between each bottle and the common service line.
    • a hydrostatic relief valve in the common service line.

There are two LPG fuel stations at the Market. The northern LPG station is operated by the MMA and the southern LPG station is operated by Fresh State.

To refuel your forklift at the MMA LPG station (near forklift storage EFS1) you will need to register for a MMA LPG tag. You can do this
by contacting the Melbourne Market Customer Centre. Once you have registered you will be issued with a MMA LPG tag for each registered forklift. LPG will be billed monthly via your MMA customer account to your registered billing address.

Visit the ‘Fees and payments’ page for more information on vehicle registration fees.

When a forklift or electric vehicle is sold, disposed of, or removed permanently from the Melbourne Market, the MMA must be advised in writing of the change.

Complete the Transfer and Disposal notification forms.

Note: All transfers must be completed with VicRoads first and a current VicRoads registration in the name of the purchaser must be provided to transfer MMA registration.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

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