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Tenant services overview

View fact sheet on how to apply for utility services connection.

Market tenants should review these details and make their own enquiries of the relevant utility providers to arrange connections.

Power: Fruit and vegetable stand power registration

All stand holders have the opportunity to have a power supply at the Market.

  • Each reel has at least a capacity of 10 Amps (2400w).
  • Capital cost (per reel) – for installation is $2,400, payable in quarterly instalments of $300 over two years. First quarterly payment is payable upon registration to secure your power reel.
  • Operating cost (per reel) – is $292 per quarter.

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Power: Flower stand power

Flower market stand holders can elect to have power connected to their stand.

Stand power usage in the flower market will be charged at $146 (including GST) per quarter, equivalent to $3.75 per day. This is consistent with the per day rate payable by the fruit and vegetable market stand holders*.

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Power: Store power

Energy running costs for stores consist of two components at the Market:

1. Embedded network managed by WinConnect for non-cooling related needs

2. Glycol central cooling plant

Embedded networks enable tenants to access competitive electricity rates via economies of scale from using a single supplier.

The central cooling plant is not only much better for the environment, it is also significantly cheaper to run than individual refrigeration systems, savings which the Melbourne Market Authority is passing onto tenants.

The tariffs for the central cooling plant are provided below.


  • $0.097 per thermal kWh plus GST

The central cooling plant has also provided tenants with lower cooling equipment costs and maintenance costs compared to stand alone units in each tenancy.

The tariffs will be reviewed in time to determine if there are further savings that can be passed onto tenants.

Water: Flower Market

Access to running water (and hoses for middle stands) is available to all flower stand tenants at no cost.

Water: Stores

The MMA has arranged for connection of permanent water supply to all tenancies.  This permanent water supply connection will be made at the time of Lease Commencement. The MMA will then issue a monthly / quarterly water usage bill to each tenant, based on the amount of water usage recorded at the individual store check meter, linked to the Building Management System (BMS).

Water usage is charged at $2.8233 per kilolitre. Sewerage usage is charged at $2.066 per kilolitre. Plus a nominal service and supply charge.

Please contact the MMA on (03) 9258 6100 if you do not require permanent water supply.

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IT & telecommunications infrastructure

The Market site delivers data and voice services offering technology that supports telephony, ADSL2+ internet services and the ability for proximity based Wi-Fi networks.

This network allows tenants to:

  • select their own telecommunications provider
  • set up their own proximity-based Wi-Fi networks
  • set up an ADSL2+ internet connection
  • enter into contractual terms with a provider on terms as mutually agreed

The Epping site has sufficient coverage for all mobile phone providers and their customers through existing mobile towers located in close proximity to the Market site.


The Melbourne Market offers onsite Wi-Fi via a user pays system. To secure Wi-Fi for your business simply: 

  1. Download and complete the Wi-Fi application form.
  2. Choose the package that best suits your business needs.
  3. Return the form to the MMA with your payment and your account will be created.

Wi-Fi is available within the main fruit and vegetable trading floor and buyers’ walk, the flower market, parking areas and warehouses 5 and 6.  

For further information contact the MMA on 9258 6100 or email


The Market offers fruit and vegetable stand holders, flower market tenants and warehouse 5 and 6 tenants onsite mailboxes.

Stand holder mailboxes are located within the fruit and vegetable trading floor close to the Customer Service Office. The mailboxes for warehouse 5 and 6 will be located within the warehouse area.

Market mailboxes offer a safe and convenient place to have your business mail delivered.

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For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI