Stand operation

Separated pathways

The Market was designed to make it easier, safer and more efficient for you to use the trading floor.

The trading floor has been designed so that it is safe, with separated pathways for pedestrians and forklifts.

This design means that forklifts can efficiently access stands through the multiple entrances and forklift routes.

It’s important that you understand where you can walk and drive forklifts. Remember to always look out for pedestrians, as they have right of way at pedestrian crossings.

Retailer purchasing

  • Retailers are encouraged to ‘shop on foot’ using the pedestrian aisles rather than leaving their forklift idle on the trading floor.
  • Retailers can then collect produce on their forklift once the transaction is complete, or have produce delivered by stand holders.
  • Hand trolleys can be used in the pedestrian aisles.

Stand holder forklifts

  • When your forklift is idle, park it on your stand.
  • You can’t leave your forklift on the forklift aisle.
  • You can replenish your stand during the trade period if you need to.

Delivering produce

  • Make sure you ask for the retailer’s parking bay number as part of the transaction, so you can deliver produce to the correct location.
  • Produce can only be delivered to the ‘loading zone’ next to the parking bay – not the space for the vehicle.
  • Look at a map, or use the Melbourne Market Navigator app to work out your route before delivering produce to the retailer.

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