What is Glycol?

The Market utilises a central cooling system which provides a chilled glycol supply to each store tenancy.


Glycol usage portal

Click here to access the login page for the glycol usage portal

The glycol usage portal allows store tenants to:

  • view real time energy consumption in hourly intervals;
  • compare daily consumption over time; and
  • download hourly interval data.


Glycol usage SMS and email notifications

If you choose to opt-in to the portal you can choose to receive automated SMS messages or emails to your nominated mobile phone number and/or email.

Glycol consumption in your store will be monitored at 15-minute intervals, to determine the daily average consumption of glycol.

If during the hours after trade the glycol consumption in your store increases from the preceding seven-day average or drops to 0 consumption, an SMS or email notification will be sent to inform you of the change.

The SMS and email messages will provide you with the details about your glycol consumption – not the temperature in your store. As a general comment, the level of glycol consumption can indicate a temperature change in the store but by itself does not provide information about the temperature in the store.

How do I gain access to the glycol usage portal?

If you would like to gain access to the glycol portal to see your store’s usage, download the registration form by clicking here.


Terms and Conditions

Click here to access the glycol usage portal terms and conditions of use.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

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