Melbourne Market is administered by the Melbourne Market Authority (MMA), established under the Melbourne Market Act 1977. 

The MMA’s objectives are to:

  • To provide a commercially viable wholesale facility for the efficient distribution of fresh produce.
  • To optimise returns on land and assets controlled and managed by the MMA.
  • To ensure a fair and competitive environment for wholesale trading of produce.

The functions of the MMA are to:

  • To control, maintain and manage the market and the market land.
  • To promote the use of the facilities at the market.
  • To provide advice and information to the Minister on matters relating to the market and its use by industry and on industry related matters generally.
  • To do all things the MMA is authorised or required to do by or under this or any other Act or law

The Melbourne Market will be recognised Australia-wide as an industry leader, committed to innovation, quality and operational excellence. Utilising the wholesale Market as the anchor, the Market precinct will become a fresh produce processing, distribution and logistics centre of international significance.

To maintain a vibrant and sustainable Market by responding proactively to the fundamental shifts in the fresh produce trading environment and helping our clients to adapt.

The MMA will approach our work and each other with a commitment to:

  • PASSION: We bring our best and are passionate about what we do
  • DIVERSITY: We embrace differences and treat everyone with respect
  • SAFETY: We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment
  • SERVICE: We listen to our customers, continually innovate and explore new opportunities
  • IMPACT: We create a lasting positive impact in our communities and on the environment

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI