Warehousing opportunities at Melbourne Market


The Melbourne Market Authority is excited to announce the release of a potential further 44,000 m2 of on-site warehousing, office/commercial spaces and showroom opportunities. This proposed development is planned to sit across six separate facilities located on the northern and eastern Market boundaries.  

With sufficient interest, these developments could be completed and ready for leasing and occupation by March 2022.  

This is a unique opportunity to secure a lease for new state of the art, and world-class facilities at the Melbourne Market, located in the suburb of Epping in Victoria. 

The Melbourne Market invites expressions of interest for new warehousing and commercial offices from existing tenants, Market users and allied business’. 

For enquiries concerning warehouse 10 and 11 spaces, warehouse complexes 12*, 14, 15, or to express an interest in leasing space within these developments, please complete the form below.

For general enquiries please contact Malcolm Lum, General Counsel and Head of Property on 03 9258 6143.

*Warehouse 12 design is currently being amended and will likely reduce in size from the original site drawings contained in the information pack

Information Pack

For further information regarding these warehousing opportunities, please click here to download an information pack.

Key dates

The timeline for tenant commitments to each of the premises is:

October 2020

  • 9 October – Expression of Interest (EOI) open
  • 30 October – EOI closes

November 2020

  • 13 November – Property/tenancy allocation

December 2020

  • 7 December – Tenant execution of formal Agreement for Lease (AFL)
  • Payment of base rent for one month (plus GST)

Expression of Interest

*I/We register our Expression of Interest for the following premises (by agreement for lease and lease), Melbourne Market, Epping.

    Full Name/s

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    ACN (if applicable)

    Business Address


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    Details / Product lines / services of your proposed business?

    Are you an existing tenant of the Melbourne Market or any other central Market? Provide any relevant history or wholesale trading.

    Details of the premise(s) you are interested in (eg. warehouse 10)

    Please provide your proposed term (including option terms, up to a maximum of two equal terms. e.g. 5-year initial term, plus two options of 5 years.)

    Will financing be required for this transaction? If so, please provide relevant details of financing and amount.

    Do you have any specific fit out requirements or customisation?

    Proposed Tenant’s Solicitor Name (if known)

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    Upload any relevant files to be considered with your expression of interest

    The proposed tenant acknowledges that this is a non-binding Expression of Interest and in submitting an Expression of Interest the proposed tenant as a prospective tenant of the property also fully understands that the landlord is not contractually bound in any way upon receipt of the Expression of Interest and that it has the right to consider, prefer, accept or reject any Expression of Interest or other proposal in its sole and absolute discretion and to consider any Expression of Interest or other proposal subject to any conditions.

    For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

    8AM - 4PM, MON - FRI