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Important Notice to Retailers on Outcomes of Parking Ballots for Retailer Parking At Epping

Retailer parking ballots for Epping were held  on 24 June 2015,  and involved the participation of over 500 businesses. The Melbourne Market Authority (MMA) and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) thank all retailers for their patience on what proved to be a very long day, the Chair and members of… Read more »

Important Notice to Retailers on Ballots for Epping Parking – 656

On 24 June 2015, ballots for all Epping retailer semi, rigid and van parking will be held in the National Flower Centre (West Melbourne). Registration will commence at 7.30am. When you register, you will be given an envelope containing a sticker/stickers for your ballot. Please keep the envelope and its contents safe. Ballots will get… Read more »

Signing of Epping Fruit and Vegetable Stand Licences – 628

SIGNING OF EPPING FRUIT AND VEGETABLE STAND LICENCES The rules for the ballots require licences for Epping fruit and vegetable stands to be signed by 22 August 2014 and returned to the Melbourne Market Authority (MMA). To assist in this process, staff from the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (DSDBI) will be available… Read more »

Outcome of Epping Fruit and Veg Stand Ballot – 627

OUTCOMES OF THE EPPING FRUIT AND VEGETABLE STAND BALLOTS 225 businesses participated in the ballots for Epping fruit and vegetable stands conducted on Friday 8 August 2014. Attached is a summary that shows the locations for each business. Where the days of the week are not stated, it means that the business has the stand… Read more »

Fruit and Vegetable stands ballot to be held in NFC – 622

MARKET CIRCULAR NO: 622 Date: 5 August 2014 Ballot to be hosted in the NFC The Fruit and Vegetable Stand ballots for Fruit and Vegetable Stands in Epping will be conducted in the National Flower Centre (NFC) on the morning of Friday 8th August 2014 To facilitate the ballot in the flower market, it has… Read more »

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