Important Notice to Retailers on Ballots for Epping Parking – 656

On 24 June 2015, ballots for all Epping retailer semi, rigid and van parking will be held in the National Flower Centre (West Melbourne).

Registration will commence at 7.30am. When you register, you will be given an envelope containing a sticker/stickers for your ballot. Please keep the envelope and its contents safe.

Ballots will get underway at 8.30am.

Attached to this notice are:

  • Ballot map here
  • Parking fees for Epping here
  • Ballot rules here
  • Ballot listings of businesses with the estimated approximate start times for each ballot here
  • Map of store holder locations here

Note that you are not required to attend at 7.30am if your ballot is much later, for example, if you are in the ballots for vans. Registration will continue throughout the day.

Times shown for ballots are indicative only. It is your responsibility to make sure you arrive on time for your ballot.

If you cannot attend the ballots, please nominate someone to attend on your behalf. Contact Mary Baker on 0427 896 114 or email to advise on a nomination.

If you do not attend and do not nominate someone to act on your behalf, you will be the last person in your ballot and you will be allocated a space which may not be your preferred location.

Staff from the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) will be available to assist you through the ballots.

A listing of businesses in ballots was released to retailers on 29 May 2015. Any feedback from businesses on their details as listed was required by 5 June 2015. DEDJTR permitted feedback up until 19 June 2015. The business listings attached are final and no further discussion will be entered into.

Only businesses on the ballot listing will be participating in the ballots on 24 June 2015.

A waiting list for all businesses that requested undercover parking and did not obtain this through the ballots will be developed and made publicly available in July 2015.

Please note that following the ballots, you will need to register your vehicles with the Melbourne Market Authority. If your vehicles are not correctly sized to your selected bay, your bay may be reallocated to another retailer.

You will be required to pay the Melbourne Market Authority your first quarterly Epping parking fee by 8 July 2015 if your reserved parking is to be confirmed. If you do not pay by 8 July, you risk losing your parking.

You will have until 3 July 2015 to swap your ballot selections. If you propose to do this, please notify Mary Baker (details above).

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI