Important Notice to Retailers on Outcomes of Parking Ballots for Retailer Parking At Epping

Retailer parking ballots for Epping were held  on 24 June 2015,  and involved the participation of over 500 businesses.

The Melbourne Market Authority (MMA) and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) thank all retailers for their patience on what proved to be a very long day, the Chair and members of the Retailers Advisory Committee for their advice in the lead up to the ballots and individual retailers who acted as proxy’s for fellow retailers who could not attend on the day.

Stock Take of ballot outcomes

DEDJTR is presently documenting the ballot outcomes and identifying bay number/s to be assigned to each business, along with the days of the week and type of vehicle that the permit applies.

Letters will be issued to all retailers successful in the ballots advising of bay number/s, enclosing a parking permit for completion and advising of the total amount payable for the first quarter to apply from opening of the Epping market.

Payment to the MMA is required by 17 July 2015 at the Cashiers Office at West Melbourne.

Businesses will need to advise of their vehicle registration details. Permits will be issued subject to a check against VicRoads database to confirm appropriate vehicle sizes to bays and to confirm that each business has an appropriate vehicle for each parking permit. Particular attention will be given to any business claiming multiple vehicles. Where no vehicles can be identified for a business’ parking permit, the associated bay/s will be forfeited and become available for other businesses.

A receipt confirming payment will be issued by the Cashiers Office.

In the event that:

(a)                your vehicle is not appropriately sized to your allocated bay;

(b)               you cannot identify an appropriately sized vehicle for any bay allocated to you;

(c)                the parking permit is not completed and returned to the Cashiers Office in accordance with this letter; or

(d)               the parking permit is not returned and/or payment of the first quarter of your parking fees not received by 17 July 2015,

your allocated bay may be forfeited and may be reallocated to another business.

Swaps of location

Some businesses have identified a need to change bay type, for example a rigid to a van and vice versa.

Retailers are permitted to swap bays with each other up until the date that the parking fees are paid for a parking permit. All retailers must notify Mary Baker on 0427 896 114 or by 3 July of any swaps. No swaps or transfers will be permitted after this date. Please note that you are responsible for ensuring that any swaps are appropriate for your business.

Wait List for covered parking

A wait list for all businesses who requested undercover parking and did not obtain this through the ballot is being prepared.

The availability of covered parking ceased during the conduct of ballot 6 (for example, the covered parking-rigids four days, 1 rigid) before an allocation could be made to all interested businesses. The Probity Adviser has identified the last business in this ballot that obtained covered parking. The next business in line will be the first on the waiting list.

Businesses in the second round

A list of businesses eligible for a second round of parking bay allocations has been developed. This list is presently being checked by the MMA for data on West Melbourne parking type  and days of use. Once completed, individual businesses will be contacted to discuss an allocation for Epping.

Requests for additional days for parking

Some businesses have requested additional days for parking (i.e., days in addition to the days of use identified by the MMA and DEDJT&R). These requests will be considered taking into account the demand by businesses in the second round of allocations and wait list and based on advice from the Probity Adviser.

Unallocated Semi Bays

There are a number of semi bays that are unallocated. First priority for these bays will be to businesses eligible for the second round. Subject to demand by eligible businesses in the second round for semi bays,  the MMA may at its discretion allocate any unallocated semi-bays to other businesses.

Regional Transport

To have qualified for early access as a Regional Transport retailer for Epping, a business must:

  • already be registered with the MMA as a Country Retailer; and
  • have its primary place of business located at least 140km from Epping.


A Regional Transport Retailer can only use those bays identified as an early access bay (i.e., notified at 19 and 24 June ballots). Access to these bays will be available prior to the commencement of trade for the collection of pre-ordered product. Regional Transport Retailers may only enter the trading floor from the designated trade commencement time.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI