This Week in the Market edition 155 – 31 October 2017

In today’s This Week in the Market, World Markets Congress wrap up, power surge at the Market, a water pump fault activates the evacuation alarm, the Melbourne Cup public holiday and an office space for rent.

Market News

World Markets Congress wrap up

Thank you to the Market community for your support and assistance during the Market tour last Tuesday for the World Markets Congress.

About 130 local and international delegates from wholesale and retail markets enjoyed the tour and the feedback received was incredibly positive.

The World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) Chairman Dr Donald Darnall was particularly impressed by the Market.

“I felt like I was living in the future and here it is existing today. I’m very, very grateful to have experienced the new Market,” he said.

Power surge at the Market last week

On Tuesday 24 October the Market experienced a power surge due to an equipment failure which resulted in a site-wide power outage for 15 seconds.

When this occurs individual tenancy switchboards may not resume normal operations resulting in refrigeration failure, loss of computer memory and general disruption to programmed electrical devices.

The MMA is undertaking an audit of tenancy switchboards to determine the level of surge protection which may have been installed by the tenant’s contractors.

There are also several tenancies that are not alarmed for temperature spikes in the cool rooms.

To ensure business continuity it is imperative that individual tenancies install an alarm system which provides constant notification of cool room functionality to the tenant.

The MMA has recently commissioned the hardware to support independent cool room temperature monitoring and notification which is currently being tested.

The cost per tenancy will be dependent upon participation.

Water pump fault activates evacuation alarm

If you were in the Market on Thursday 26 October at 4.30am you would have heard the evacuation alarm in action.

The fire water pump in Tenancies 1-20 suffered a rapid pressure drop which simulated sprinkler activation.

A fault in the pump filter system was identified and the system isolated.

There was no danger or emergency action required.

Melbourne Cup public holiday

A reminder the Market will be closed next Tuesday 7 November 2017 for the Melbourne Cup.The Fruit and Vegetable Market will open at 3:30am on Wednesday 8 November 2017.

Warehouse access remains unchanged on public holidays. Access for warehouse tenants is 24 hours 7 days a week.

Office space for rent

Do you need an office at the Melbourne Market or need some extra space to conduct business?

The Melbourne Market Administration Building has been revamped and only one office remains available for rent on the ground floor.

It’s in a prime location at the entry to the Administration Building.

Size:                    76m2
Inclusions:         Meeting room or managers office

To arrange an inspection or for more details call MMA Commercial & Business Manager Matt Elliott on 9258 6100.

Safety in the Market

Forklift operators

The actions and behaviours of forklift operators help make the site safer for everyone.

Ensure loads are stable, secure and not overloaded. A load should not be higher than your forklift mast and never allow anyone to be under a suspended load.

You must never use a forklift or platform to transport people unless there is an approved work platform attached.

Industry News

Does your business need staff?

Then NORTH Link can assist.

NORTH Link has partnered with the State Government to deliver the Jobs Victoria program, a free recruitment service for companies in Melbourne’s North.

For a broad range of occupations from unskilled to professional, services include:

  • Expert guidance on recruitment
  • Wide exposure to draw on a large pool of candidates
  • Thorough matching of candidates to roles to save time / money and reduce risk
  • Advice on training of new employees and subsidies available
  • Provide follow-up support to address any issues

For more information contact Michael Laccarino on:
Phone:                (03) 9479 5695
Mobile:                0400 643 414

Key Dates

Melbourne Cup public holiday

  • 7 November 2017 (Market closed)

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