This Week In The Market – 25 June 2019

Edition 232: Disposing of organic waste
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In this week’s Market News:- Disposing of organic waste
– Are you aware of the Melbourne Market’s drug and alcohol policy?
– We speak to Leon Mugavin from Leaf

Market News

Disposing of organic waste

Do you know the Melbourne Market has the best recycling rate of any wholesale market in the world?
To make sure we keep our excellent recycling rate, we rely on Market users to do the right thing and sort their waste.
No organic waste must be placed in the 240L general rubbish bins located around the Market. Any organic waste should be placed in the large blue tote bins pictured above.
Organic waste from the Melbourne Market is sent to the Yarra Valley Water waste-to-energy plant where it is converted into biogas.
Watch the video below to see how it’s done, and remember, sort and separate your waste and only place organics in the designated blue tote bins.

Meet your advisory committee members

Over the coming weeks, we will be profiling each of our advisory committee members for you to get to know a little more about them.
This week we spoke to Leon Mugavin, from the Retailers Advisory Committee.
Your role at the Market:
I own Leaf in Elwood, and we’ve been there for 12 years now.
What do you think are important issues for the industry as a whole?
The biggest issue is to ensure independent greengrocers remain relevant in what is a ‘bubble’ of food at the moment. The popularity of cooking shows, restaurants, supermarkets, and alike are being driven by fresh produce, and as independent retailers, we need to be the most relevant in that segment of the market.
What do you think are important issues for the Market?
An important issue for the Market is about balancing the needs of all the various stakeholders to run the Market efficiently. The Market is not just about one particular group, whether that be buyers, wholesalers or growers, it’s about making it all work together.
What are you positive about for the future?
Fresh produce, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, is really on trend, and this is influencing offerings at restaurants, cafes, and what’s on TV. The growers are growing a greater variety of produce, which is great for us. We can now stock something like jujubes, and people are buying them. That would have never happened ten years ago.
Why did you want to be a member of the advisory committee?
I’m passionate about the industry, and I don’t want to see the independent sector of the industry decline, it’s also about giving back because the industry’s been great to me.
What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you?
In a previous role, I helped start the seedless watermelon industry in Australia. The first farmer who planted seedless watermelon seeds had just six plants germinate from 6600 seeds. I got involved in the whole supply chain, managing the product from seed to shop.

Children in the Market

Children in the Market is back these school holidays, giving everyone a chance to bring their kids into the Market to see Mum or Dad in action at work.
Children will be allowed to enter the Market on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 July; however, it is essential you register any children planning to attend by no later than Monday 8 July by handing in a completed registration form to the Customer Service Centre.
Click here to download a registration form.

Weekly words of wisdom

A straightforward tip this week, make sure always to wear your high-vis clothing while in the Market! Thanks for the great advice, Josh.

Melbourne Market Drug and Alcohol Policy

The MMA is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all Market users.
The MMA reminds the Market community that all persons entering the Melbourne Market site must at all times be fit for duty.
This means, any person on Market Land must not have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) over 0.00%, or be under the influence of prohibited drugs at anytime.
The MMA reserves the right to conduct drug and alcohol testing on site to ensure the safety of all Market users.

Social media booming

Have you checked out all the A Better Choice social media channels?
With over 92,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram, the key messages that buying fresh fruit and veg from your local greengrocer is a better choice is certainly getting out there to consumers.
You can check out the different social media channels for yourself by clicking below.


Industry News

Victorian assault on horticulture grower of the year title

There are several Victorians vying for the prestigious AUSVEG Grower of the Year title to be announced at the industry’s Hort Connections event this week, including a few familiar faces from the Market.
Read more on The Weekly Times website.

Australian organic awareness up

Consumer awareness about organic food has increased in step with domestic sales in Australia, according to an annual report.
Read more on the Produce Plus website.

Key Dates

Tuesday 9 – Wednesday 10 July – Children in the Market

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