Relocation of the Melbourne Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Market to Epping

30 June 2014

As you are aware, construction of the trading floor complex at Epping is complete and warehousing construction and store fit-out are underway in preparation for the move to the new market and closure of the existing market at Footscray Road, West Melbourne.
Existing tenants of wholesale stores at West Melbourne have entered into
agreements for lease in respect of Epping and all stores at Epping have been taken
up. This underwrites the success of the move to Epping.
The timing of the relocation of the Melbourne wholesale market to Epping is yet to be determined. A number of works at Epping are underway at the moment, including State funded landlord store fit-out works in readiness for tenants to do their own fitout works from September 2014. State funded warehousing along with fit-out works is due for completion by December 2014.
Legislation is currently before the Victorian Parliament to amend the Melbourne
Market Authority Act 1977. It is preemptive at this stage to comment on it but an
update will be provided in due course.
The Melbourne Market Authority and the State intend there be an orderly process for the move to Epping when Epping is ready and in consultation with market participants.
For the time being, any tenant whose lease expires or will expire before the relocation to Epping occurs should simply continue to pay rent as usual on a month to month basis. Other market participants should also continue to pay the usual fees and charges.
Tenants with leases at West Melbourne will receive letters from the Melbourne Market Authority confirming the above advice.

The Melbourne Market Authority will continue to update tenants and market

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