Parking Requirements at the Epping Market – 615

DATE: 30 MAY 2014
TO: All Melbourne Market Tenants and Licensees


As an integral part of the transition to Epping, the MMA requires market users to inform us of your anticipated parking requirements at the new Market.

How to provide you anticipated parking requirements to the MMA

All existing market users with parking at the West Melbourne Market (including those who pay for parking and those with free parking allocations) have been sent a letter detailing the parking information we require and with a survey enclosed.

If you believe you will require parking at Epping, you are required to fill in the form and return it to the MMA no later than 11:00am on Friday 13 June 2014.

Why do I need to provide this information?

The data collected from this survey will provide guidance for the MMA’s final vehicle parking design at Epping. Following this will be a formal offer for car parking.

It is important to note, completion of this survey will guarantee involvement in the first round of offers for parking. Therefore please ensure you include your name and company name on the form.

Does this also include my warehousing parking needs?

No, parking for warehousing will be treated separately for both Part A and Part B. You will need to discuss Part B warehousing parking needs directly with Hansen Yuncken and separate information will be provided shortly to those with Part A warehousing.

I haven’t received my letter or I have a question about the process?

If you haven’t received your letter and you believe you should have received one or if you have a question about the form please contact the MMA by emailing


For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI