MMA Launches New Forklift Safety Campaign

– New safety campaign aimed at forklift drivers, operators and employers
– Comply to avoid a fine from 5 January 2015
– Important changes to forklift registration and renewal requirements

To ensure we all get home safely, the MMA has a zero tolerance for the unsafe use of forklifts at the Markets and has launched a safety campaign aimed at educating forklift drivers, operators and their employers, on safe operating practices as stipulated by MMA and WorkSafe Victoria.

Safe forklift operating practices

MMA’s safe forklift operational practices stipulate that a fork lift driver/user must, while operating a forklift:
– Always wear a seat belt.
– Never smoke.
– Never use a mobile phone (including texting) or use head phones.
– Always carry a valid forklift and driver’s licence and Access Card.
– Obey speed limits of 10kms in undercover areas and 15kms in open areas.
– Use operating lights in open areas between dusk and dawn; or when visibility is low.
– Ensure loads are stable, secured and are not overloaded. A load should not be higher than your fork lift mast.
– Never allow anyone to be under a suspended load.
– Never use a fork lift or platform to transport people unless there is an approved work platform attached.
– Always wear a hi-vis day/night safety vest; whatever the weather conditions.

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Comply to avoid a fine

From Monday 5 January 2015, MMA will commence fining forklift drivers and operators found not complying with these safe operating practices. Fines for non-compliance start at $442.
In the lead up to the Christmas/New Year period, Market Relations Officers will be issuing warning notices for non-compliance to give forklift drivers and operators the opportunity to understand the requirements and adjust practices if needed.
Non-compliance will be comprehensively enforced at our new Epping home. Non-compliant forklift users/operators are strongly encouraged to adopt these safe practices to avoid being fined now and in the future.

Changes to forklift registration and renewal requirements

MMA has amended its minimum requirements for forklift registration and renewal. In order for a forklift permit to be issued or renewed it is now mandatory that:
– The forklift be fitted with a seat belt; and
– An MMA-supplied forklift safety sticker is displayed within the forklift cabin at all times.
If your forklift does not have a seat belt fitted there are a number of certified Forklift Mechanics on site who can assist with this process.
The required forklift safety sticker can be obtained from the Customer Service Centre.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

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