June 2015 Epping retailer UPDATE

One month to go!

Target opening date – 3 August 2015

Practice run day

Wednesday 22 July Important date for the whole market community.

We will be holding a practice run day two weeks before opening. This is a very important date for your diaries and the purpose of the day is to give you the opportunity to test your market run. This is the only opportunity you will have to test your systems with a busy market prior to the first day of trade.

Please ensure as many people from your business attend this practice run day on 22 July so that you are well prepared for the first day of trade on 3 August 2015.

More details on how the practice run day will operate will be provided in the coming weeks.

Operating rules

New operating rules have been developed to make the most of the new site for all Market users. Please take the time to read the new operating rules at melbournemarkets.com.au/operatingrules

A couple of the key changes from West Melbourne are:

  • Each business must identify a nominee who is responsible for themselves and for their employees complying with the Market Operating Rules. The nominee must be present or contactable whenever their team members are on-site. The same nominee verifies that an employee’s access card is to be assigned to their business – this is important as under the new operating rules, employers are accountable for the conduct of their employees.
  • A demerit point system (similar to that used by VicRoads for driver licenses) will operate. If you get five demerit points within two years, your access card can be cancelled. If the employees of a business receive a collective total of 12 demerit points within a two year period, that lease or licence of that business could be terminated.

These changes aim to ensure the Market is as safe and efficient as possible.

Access Card update

By now, every business should have received a business nominee form from the Melbourne Market Authority.

If not, please contact the Melbourne Market Authority on 9687 6100 or  info@melbournemarkets.com.au

Once the nominee form has been returned, business nominees will be sent an electronic link to the online induction for the new Market and the access card application form.

Every employee of each business accessing the new Market will need to complete the online induction and the access card application form (to be signed by the business nominee) to receive an access card.

April – July Business principals:

  • Provide proof of market-related business
  • Secure vehicle parking allocation
  • Complete nominee form
  • Open a Pooling Equipment Account (pallet account) –
    if required, and advise MMA
  • Meet all other conditions under Operating Rules

  • Complete online induction
  • Complete access card application
  • Have new photograph taken
  • Meet all other conditions under Operating Rules
Jun – July Card issued:

Collect your card and visit the new Market at Epping

Prior to Market opening Card activated!

Giving you access to the new Market

Don’t get caught out – get your access card for the new Market at Epping today. Remember, no card, no access!

Pooling equipment accounts

The theft of pallets is estimated to be costing the market community millions of dollars annually, increasing the cost of doing business. To help reduce these costs, pooling equipment (pallet) accounts are required at the new Market.

Opening an account is free, plus there’s other initiatives available to minimise the cost for those who do the right thing and return pallets within 5 days.

If you don’t use pooled equipment, or use pallets which are not provided by a supplier (plain pallets for example), you can elect to complete a statutory declaration advising this is the case, exempting you from the requirement to have a pooled equipment account.


To open an account speak to a CHEP or LOSCAM representative today.

Call 13 24 37
Email: melbourne.market@chep.com

Call 1300 309 930
Email: melbourne.markets@loscam.com

Fuel stations for forklift

The northern LPG refuelling station is nearing completion. The canopy has been erected and the LPG tank installed. Three new dual hose dispenses with integrated card readers will be installed shortly.

Parking update

Retailer ballots for parking at Epping will be held on 24 June 2015 in the National Flower Centre at West Melbourne.

Before the ballots retailers should:

  • have checked all their details and let us know if they have any concerns about the information and
  • put in a nomination form if they are unable to attend the ballots in person.
    A nomination form is available on the MMA website.

The following information has been given to retailers:

  • order of proceedings of the day
  • listings of businesses in ballot order
  • approximate timing of each ballot
  • rules for the ballots
  • a map showing the parking locations for different categories of vehicles.

On the day of the ballots retailers will need to make time to register for their ballots. When you register, you will be given an envelope containing a sticker/s for you to pin to your chosen parking spot/s on a map of the new Market.

Once you have made your selection you will be asked to sign a registration book and at the end of the ballots, a photographic record will be taken of all the selections.

You will have until Friday 3 July 2015 to swap your selection with another retailer. Any proposed changes must be notified to Mary Baker on 0427 896 114 or mary.baker@ecodev.vic.gov.au by 3 July 2015.

Market addresses

New addresses for store holders and warehousing tenants at the new market  have been confirmed.

Administration Building

Melbourne Market Authority
Level 1, 55 Produce Drive
Victoria 3076

Warehouse 1 to 8 Tenants

For example if you are a Tenant in unit 2 of warehouse 3 your address would be:
(company name e.g. XYZ Fruits Pty Ltd)
Unit 2/3 Badalya Road
Epping Victoria 3076

Address for stores at Epping is

(company name e.g. XYZ Fruits Pty Ltd) Store Number XX
(replace XX with your store number)
35 Produce Drive
Epping Vic 3076

For store holders at Epping, your Market Mailbox will be the same number as your store, so if you lease Store 10, your mailbox will be Mailbox 10, 35 Produce Drive, Epping, Vic 3076.


Do you feel you have enough information about the transition to the new Market at Epping?
If not, you’ve got some options:

  • Visit the Epping Information Centre at the centre of the fruit and vegetable market trading floor
  • Contact the MMA team on (03) 9258 6100, 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday, or email
  • Visit the MMA website www.melbourne markets.com.au/market-relocation


For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI