Flower Market Circular – 12 December 2019

Edition 106
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In this edition of the Flower Market Circular:– Tell us what you think in the Market survey
– New flower trader at the Market
– Floral acts of kindness overwhelmed by Market support

Tell us what you think

Every year the MMA distribute the Market satisfaction survey to get feedback and insights on how we’re going, what’s working, what can be improved and how we can assist your business. The data collected is used to improve the operations, facilities and opportunities for businesses at the Melbourne Market.
The survey for the flower market is now live and you can access it by clicking here.
As a bonus, the first 25 people to complete the survey will receive a $15 voucher to use at participating Market cafes!

New Flower trader now open

A New Flower trader, Polito Flower Farms, is now trading in the Melbourne Flower Market!
Polito began trading on December 3 and florists and wholesalers alike have been excited about the new addition.
Polito specialise in growing Dahlias and have been showcasing some of their many varieties including the sensational Cafe Au Lait Dahlia.
Polito has had a presence in the Sydney Flower Market for many years, and they are excited to be expanding their operations to Melbourne.
You will find Joe Polito from Polito Flower Farms located on stands 695-697 and stands 796-797 in the Flower Market. If you haven’t already, be sure to visit, check out their range and give them a warm welcome.
Check out some of their magnificent dahlias in the photos below and jump on their Instagram page for even more amazing images.

Pollenate is the first of its kind for the Australian Flower Industry

Pollenate is a new national platform for florists, students, wholesalers and growers to come together and share thoughts, ideas, create discussion and forward information.
It is the new flower club, bringing all states closer together to cross-pollinate and grow.
The intention is to help benefit the industry with a more prosperous future by providing a platform for each community individual to have a voice and the opportunity to be heard.
The Pollenate team will facilitate support to the community by providing solutions and give direction, sourced only from industry experts.
When you join the Pollenate community, you will receive access to their digital platform, where the industry can seek work, share work and collaborate through the Pollenate workspace area.
Within the app, there is also a market place area where a gumtree style service has been designed to allow for the on selling and buying of goods and assets, sharing and leasing of spaces and more.
To join the community simply subscribe by jumping on the App Store or Google Play and downloading the Pollenate app.
This will instantly allow you access to the community, or as the founders like to say ‘The Flowerhood’.
Click here for more information.

Floral acts of kindness overwhelmed by Market support

Floral Acts of Kindness Inc. (FAOK) is Australia’s first and only flower-rescue charity.
The team visited the Market last Saturday and were overwhelmed by the support they received from traders.

FAOK wish to send a message of thanks regarding the donation of flowers received.
Particular thanks go to; Maliku Flowers, Halit Flowers, Mr Fresh Flowers, Five Ways, Tairi Flowers, Carnovale Growers, Ali Flowers, Santospirito, Piollivico Flowers, Zekirija Flowers, Tari Flowers and APACK.

The flowers donated from the Melbourne Market were first taken to Geelong where FAOK ran a workshop and volunteers made approximately 115 flower jar posies!
Those posies then went to an Aged Care Facility where every resident received a flower jar. The flowers brought so much happiness to the residents, and it started conversations about flowers they once had in a garden or the flowers they had at their weddings.
Some posies also went to the Melbourne City Mission Palliative Care Unit, providing a small amount of joy to suffering and isolated patients.

Floral acts of kindness will be back in the Flower Market on Saturday 21 December.
Check out the photos below to see some of the joy the donated flowers brought.

Flower Advisory committee welcomes new members

The flower advisory committee has welcomed two new members.
Dianne (Di) Templeton from ‘Buds & Branches‘ and Kathleen Farrell from ‘Flowers by Kathleen Farrell’.
Both Di and Kathleen will be able to add input into advisory committee meetings from a florist perspective.
Speaking to your advisory committee members is an effective way you can raise key issues with the MMA.

Drug and alcohol testing – know what to expect

Random drug and alcohol testing has been conducted at the Market over the last fortnight, and so far, the results have been pleasing.
The random testing and selection is being carried out by Fit4Duty, an external NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited tester. Random drug and alcohol testing will continue to be conducted at the Market to ensure a safe working environment for all market users.
The MMA received positive feedback from those tested, where many said they found Fit4Duty’s testing process to be quick, simple and easy.
The introduction of drug and alcohol testing is a great win for safety at the Market, and an effort that has spanned several months.  In the lead up to testing Market users were reminded that the Market is a drug and alcohol-free site and were educated and supported on how to do the right thing to create a safe working environment for all.
We would like to thank all those who have been tested so far for their cooperation and also those who volunteered themselves to be tested.
We look forward to your continued support in creating a safe working environment for everyone.
For further information regarding random drug and alcohol testing at the Melbourne Market, please visit the website.

Watch this video to see what to expect if you are randomly selected for drug and alcohol testing

Christmas trading hours

Trading hours will remain unchanged during the festive season with the Market closing only on the public holidays.

Monday 23 Dec – 3:30 AM – 7:00 AM
Tuesday 24 Dec – 3:30 AM – 7:00 AM
Wednesday 25 Dec – MARKET CLOSED
Thursday 26 Dec – MARKET CLOSED
Friday 27 Dec – 3:30 AM – 7:00 AM
Saturday 28 Dec – 3:30 AM – 7:00 AM
Monday 30 Dec – 3:30 AM – 7:00 AM
Tuesday 31 Dec – 3:30 AM – 7:00 AM
Wednesday 1 Jan – MARKET CLOSED
Thursday 2 Jan – 3:30 AM – 7:00 AM

Additional smoke detectors installed

While not only being hazardous to your health, smoking in undesignated areas within the Market presents a safety hazard.
When people smoke around produce, or incorrectly dispose of cigarette butts, there is a risk that product can become contaminated.
For this reason, smoking is only permitted in designated areas around the Market.
To deter people from smoking in prohibited areas, smoke alarms are being installed in many common areas around the Market, including corridors and toilets.
We thank you for your cooperation on this issue.

Thinking of kicking the habit? Call the Quitline on 13 78 48 or visit www.quit.org.au

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