Energy prices

Energy running costs for stores consist of two components at the new market at Epping:

  • embedded network managed by Win Energy for non-cooling related needs, and
  • glycol central cooling plant.

Embedded networks enable tenants to access competitive electricity rates the via economies of scale from using a single supplier. For more information you can read the WINenergy fact sheet.

The central cooling plant is not only much better for the environment, it is also significantly cheaper to run than individual refrigeration systems. Savings which the MMA is passing onto tenants.

The tariffs for the central cooling plant are provided below.


  • Peak (c/thermal KWh): 5.2
  • Off peak (c/thermal KWh): 5.2

The tariffs will be reviewed in six months to determine if there are further savings that can be passed onto tenants.The central cooling plant has also provided tenants lower cooling equipment costs and maintenance costs compared to stand alone units in each tenancy.


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