COVID update – 8 November 2021

COVID update – 8 November 2021 View this email in your browser
COVID update – all market users – Monday 8 November

As life gets back to normal and we begin doing the things we love most again, it is still vitally important to follow COVIDSafe rules at the Melbourne Market to protect our community and businesses. 

Face masks mandatory indoors
Wearing your face mask indoors is still mandatory.
As well as protecting your health, wearing a fitted face mask significantly reduces your risk of being suspended from the market in the event of a COVID exposure. As per the DHS’s Contact Assessment and Management Matrix, if you come in contact with a COVID positive case and are not wearing a face mask, you will be subject to a minimum seven-day quarantine, even if you are double vaccinated.
It is not mandatory to wear your face mask outside; however, the MMA strongly recommend keeping your mask on in both indoor and outdoor locations to limit your risk of transmission and/or quarantine in the event of COVID exposure. 
Face masks are a simple measure to significantly reduce the risk of COVID transmission in the market.
Penalties and suspensions will continue to be issued for those observed not wearing a face mask while indoors. 

Wastewater testing
Wastewater leaving the market is tested for the presence of COVID daily. Over the past fortnight, the readings have continued to indicate a “strong” presence of COVID in our wastewater, which is the second-highest reading on the testing scale.
The DHS has indicated that should the Melbourne Market’s COVID wastewater readings increase to a “very strong” level, additional interventions may be put in place to limit transmission on-site. A compulsory COVID test for all market users is one such measure flagged by the DHS should COVID wastewater readings increase. 
It is critical that if you are feeling unwell, you do not attend the Melbourne Market, get a COVID test and wait for a negative result before coming back to the site. And if you test positive, you must notify the MMA immediately. 

Vaccination reminder
As Authorised Workers, all Melbourne Market access cardholders and contractors must be double vaccinated by 26 November. Any person who has currently only had a single vaccination dose should ensure they receive their second dose before 26 November to continue to access the site. 

A summary of previous COVID-19 updates are kept on our website; click here to access.
If you have any further questions, you can call the 24-hour security number, 0408 334 555. 
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