COVID update – 29 October 2021

COVID update – 29 October 2021 View this email in your browser
COVID update – all market users – Friday 29th October
Today, Victoria is set to hit the 80% double vaccination milestone, and with it, more restrictions are set to ease from 6 pm tonight.  
As we transition to living with COVID, the below outlines how these changes affect our work at the Melbourne Market. 

Positive COVID cases in the Melbourne Market
Up until now, the MMA has communicated each positive case we are made aware of via email and SMS to the entire market community. As vaccination becomes our primary method of risk mitigation, we will begin to transition to a model where we list exposure locations on a webpage. The market community will be able to monitor this list of exposure sites and get tested and isolate based on known exposures. While market COVID cases remain relatively low, the MMA will continue to do in-depth contact tracing via CCTV. This new approach will allow us to update the market community with recent exposure locations faster than we could through a comprehensive CCTV review, particularly if case numbers increase.
Click here to view to Melbourne Market COVID exposure list.

Close contacts
The DHS has provided updated guidance on testing and quarantine requirements of close contacts. This Contact Assessment and Management Matrix will guide our approach to managing close contacts moving forward. The key takeaway is that those who are fully vaccinated, wear a face mask correctly, avoid prolonged interaction with others, and practice social distancing, are much less likely to be required to isolate after a COVID exposure. Those that don’t correctly wear a face mask or practice social distancing, will be required to isolate for 7 days if fully vaccinated or 14 days if single vaccinated in the event of a close COVID contact. 

Market restrictions
Tonight at 6 pm, some Victorian restrictions will ease. Given the nature of our work at the market and the impacts to businesses in the event of COVID exposure, the Melbourne Market rules will be as follows. 

Face masks
Face masks are compulsory at all times while indoors at the Melbourne Market and recommended when outdoors. As well as reducing your risk of getting COVID, wearing your face mask at all times will also reduce the risk of isolation requirements if you are exposed to a positive COVID case as per the Contact Assessment and Management Matrix. 

Visitors are allowed back into the market; however, they must wear a face mask at all times and be double vaccinated to gain entry. Sign in at Gate 1 is required for all visitors. 

Electric vehicles and buggies
Passengers will be able to ride in electric buggies; however, regardless if you are inside or outside, if multiple people are travelling in buggies together, they must all be wearing face masks. 

Access card audit and mandatory vaccination
The first two days of the access card audit has already uncovered several instances of access card misuse and those without evidence of vaccination. In the interest of streamlining the entry process, which will continue throughout November, we ask market users to visit a pop-up stand outside customer service between 4 am-8 am tomorrow and next week. Upon sighting your vaccination evidence, your access card will be re-printed with a symbol identifying your vaccination evidence has been previously sighted.  

A summary of previous COVID-19 updates are kept on our website; click here to access.
If you have any further questions, you can call the 24-hour security number, 0408 334 555. 
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