Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – 4 August 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – 4 August 2020
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – Tuesday 4 August 2020
Operations at the Melbourne Flower Market
Creating your COVID Safe PlanWork permits

Melbourne Flower Market
Since yesterday’s announcement, which outlined how stage 4 restrictions would affect workplaces, the MMA has been advocating on behalf tenants and buyers to ensure the Melbourne Flower Market can continue to operate. 

We have been in discussion with relevant government departments; however, we are still waiting for clarification as to whether the Flower Market can continue to operate.

We understand the uncertainty is difficult for many businesses, and we will communicate the outcome as soon as we receive definitive advice.

Creating your COVID Safe Plan
Businesses fortunate enough to remain open under stage 4 restrictions are required by law to have a COVID Safe Plan in place, by Friday 7 August. This means all businesses that operate or trade from the Melbourne Market will need to develop their own COVID Safe Plan relevant for their business. 

A COVID Safe Plan is a written document that demonstrates how you will meet all of the requirements set out by the Victorian Government to keep workers, customers and visitors safe, and to prepare for a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus in your business.  

Both employees and employers have a part to play in creating and adhering to the business’ COVID Safe Plan. 
– If you are an employee, please click here to read your obligations as they relate to a COVID Safe Plan.
– If you are an employer, please click here to read business obligations as they relate to creating a COVID Safe Plan. 
The Business Victoria website uploaded COVID Safe Plan templates and guidance to their website in the last hour. You can view the templates by clicking here.

Your COVID Safe Plan needs to include the following:
Your actions to help prevent the introduction of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace
The level of face-covering or personal protective equipment (PPE) required for your workforce
How you will prepare for, and respond to, a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace

The following points outline some basic considerations which you may want to include in your business’ COVID Safe Plan and are only general in nature for your consideration. They do not take into account your business’ specific circumstances or needs. 

1. Your actions to help prevent the introduction of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace
The business will:
– Follow site rules as set out by the MMA as Operator of the Melbourne Market which includes:All employees to undertake temperature screening upon entryAll employees to wear a face-covering at all times- Collect records of all workers, subcontractors, customers and clients attending the work premises for 15 minutes or longer.
– Ensure social distancing measure are adhered to keeping 1.5 metres away from others at all times and ensuring only one worker per four square metres.
– Ensure that any workers that can work from home can do so.
– Ensure that employees are in good health – workers will be unable to work if they are unwell, and the business will not require employees with symptoms of illness to work. If a worker presents unwell, they will be sent home and directed to be tested. The employee must stay home until they have received a negative test result.
– Regularly clean the premises, especially ‘high touch areas’.
– Restructure business operations to reduce instances of ‘close contact’ as much as possible, (click here for the definition of close contact).
Some examples of restructuring business operations may include:
– Segregation of duties – limiting employee movements to one area like the warehouse, or store/stand where applicable
– Time limits – In accordance with DHHS guidance, limiting the total time those not in your employment can spend on your premises to under 15 minutes, and limiting employees / other market users sharing a ‘closed space’ to under two hours

2. The level of face-covering or personal protective equipment (PPE) required for your workforce
The business will:
– Ensure all employees are wearing PPE, which includes a face covering in line with those required for the general public.

3. How you will prepare for, and respond to, a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace
The business will:
– In the event of a positive COVID case in the business
Notify the MMA via the 24-hour security line on 0408 334 555
Notify DHHS via 1800 675 398
Notify Worksafe Victoria via 13 23 60 or online reporting form at
– Have readily available details of cleaners who can organise deep clean at short notice (MMA uses IKON, they can be contacted via 0423 779 774 ),
– In the case of a confirmed or suspected case, the business will consider if produce is tainted, and undertake the following actions to minimise the risk of transmission (include steps you would take).
– In the case of a confirmed or suspected case the business will work with the MMA to determine which other employees, customers or visitors would be considered close contacts (click here for DHHS definition of close contact).

Work Permits
Under stage 4 restrictions, from 11.59 pm Wednesday night, any person leaving their home for work will now be required to show a permit if pulled over by police.
Today Premier Daniel Andrews said that the permit templates would be available online by this afternoon. However, as at 8:00 pm, these templates were not yet available.  
In a statement, the Premier referred to the permits as a piece of paper both the employer and employee fill out. He also said that some people would be able to show their workplace IDs to policeto confirm why they’re out. 
Until the permit templates are made available online, we would recommend carrying your Market access card with you when travelling to and from the Market.  

A summary of previous COVID-19 updates and operational changes are kept on our website, click here to access.
If you have any further questions, you can call the 24-hour security number, 0408 334 555. 
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