Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – 14 August 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – 14 August 2020
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – Friday 14 August

– Submitting your COVIDSafe Plan
– Notifying MMA of any positive COVID cases
– WorkSafe Victoria visits
– Why it is critical you follow COVID rules

Submitting your COVIDSafe Plan
By now, all business permitted to operate during stage 4 restrictions, which includes all businesses operating and trading at the Melbourne Market, should have their COVIDSafe Plan in place.
In the interests of health and safety, all lease and licence holders should submit a copy of their COVIDSafe Plan to the MMA, which will be kept in a central repository to ensure timely COVID responses.

Please email a copy of your COVIDSafe Plan to by Monday 17 August. 

Your COVIDSafe Plan should be a document that everyone in your business is familiar with, and it should be accessible at all times.
The MMA provided some guidance on how to complete your COVIDSafe Plan when the initiative was first announced. You can view this information by clicking here

If you still have questions about your COVIDSafe Plan, go to or call Business Victoria on 13 22 15.

Notifying MMA of any positive COVID cases
As part of your COVIDSafe Plan, there will be a section which steps through the actions your business will take should an employee test positive to coronavirus. The first steps in this section of your plan should be to notify the DHHS and the MMA of the positive COVID case.  

To ensure the MMA can quickly implement measures to limit any spread of coronavirus, businesses must inform the MMA as soon as they become aware of a positive or suspected COVID case in their business. This can be done by calling the 24-hour security hotline on 0408 334 555 – save this number in your mobile phone now, so you always have it on hand. 
When businesses fail to notify the MMA of a positive or suspected COVID case in a timely manner, it potentially puts our whole community and the ongoing operations of the Melbourne Market at risk. Urgent notification to the MMA will ensure a prompt COVID response.

WorkSafe Victoria visits
Earlier this week WorkSafe Victoria attended the Melbourne Market to visit several businesses, some were pre-planned some were random visits. WorkSafe reviewed each businesses COVIDSafe Plan and looked at face mask and social distancing compliance across the entire site. 
As the Melbourne Market is critical in the supply of food, WorkSafe indicated their intention to make regular visits to Market tenants over the coming weeks and months. 
WorkSafe Victoria has the authority to penalise or restrict businesses from operating if they see evidence that sufficient measures are not in place and being adhered to, to combat the spread of coronavirus. 

Why it is critical you follow COVID rules
When the Victorian Government first announced stage 4 restrictions, the wholesale trade of cut flowers was not permitted.
The MMA advocated for the industry, working with relevant Government departments and ministerial offices to allow the wholesale trade of flowers to continue. 

One of the key factors in changing the decision, was because the Chief Health Officer deemed that Melbourne Market, as the cornerstone wholesale flower trading facility in Victoria, has stringent measures and protocols in place to prevent outbreaks. 

It is critical that all business that operate from the Melbourne Market, from flowers, fruit and veg, buyers, cafes, transport through to commercial tenants, strictly adhere to all COVID regulations.

The Department of Health and Human Services, as well as WorkSafe Victoria, are monitoring Melbourne Market operations and have the power to restrict or significantly alter operations in any part of the Market if they believe COVID safety measures are not being adhered to. 

So far, the majority of Melbourne Market users have been doing the right thing.
Let’s keep it that way for the sake of everyone’s health and livelihoods; we’re all in this together. 

A summary of previous COVID-19 updates and operational changes are kept on our website, click here to access.

If you have any further questions, you can call the 24-hour security number, 0408 334 555.
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