This Week in the Market – Edition 88

28 June 2016


In today’s This Week in the Market we answer your questions around recycling, a reminder that parking permit renewals are due this week and theft of cars from P1. 


Market News

Poly and cardboard and plastic, oh my!

In June we’ve been focusing on separating recyclables. Not only can this save you money, it can also save the environment and your carbon footprint. 

Earlier this month, we stationed some staff at the satellite stations to answer your questions regarding what waste goes where. Below is a summary of the top questions asked. 

Q: What can I put in the ‘organics’ bin?
A: In short, only put items in the organics bin that you could tip out on a field and feed direct to animals. All organic matter gets the big thumbs up, but you must remove any packaging or wrapping such as elastic bands around herbs, plastic wrapping on cucumbers or foam casing around pawpaw. 

Q. If I remove rubber bands or foam casings from produce, what bin does it go it? 
A: Rubber bands or foam casing is general waste. Plastic bags or plastic wrap can be put in the plastic bin. 

Q. Do I have to remove packing tape or stickers from cardboard and polystyrene boxes?
A: No, small amounts of tape and stickers (e.g. a label on a box) are fine. There’s no need to remove these. Excess amounts of tape should be removed. 

Q. Where can I put ice from polystyrene boxes?
A: All satelitte stations have drain points. Ice or water should poured on the drain points. 

Q. If the satellite station is full, where can I take my recycling? 
A: You can take it to another satelitte station or the transfer centre. View the map here. Satelitte stations are emptied pre and post trade. 

Q. Where can I put waxed cardboard?
A: Waxed cardboard can be placed in any cardboard bin. 

Remember, stores and warehouses can have tote bins delivered and collected from their premises. Visit the recycling transfer centre today to find out more. 

Parking permit renewals due 30 June. 

Parking permit renewals have been issued and are due for payment by 30 June. Pay your invoice by the due date to avoid losing your allocated parking bay and restricted access to the Market. 

Visit the Customer Service Centre or pay online or via BPAY today. 

Theft of vehicles from the P1 car park

Recently several vehicles have been reported stolen from the P1 car park during trade. Remember, do not leave valuables in vehicles and lock you car. 

The MMA are increasing surveillance in this car park. As an interim measure, you can still park in P1 for free for the first 90 minutes, however you will now be required to visit the security control room (next to Gate 1) to validate your ticket (as opposed to the ticket machine). 

This will limit unwanted visitors to the car park as they will be required to visit security to exit the Market free of charge. 

If you see something, report it to security by calling 0408 334 555 or 000. 

Happy EOFY!

The end of financial year is upon us! Now is a great time to ensure all your invoices are paid and up to date to avoid any unwanted hassles at tax time.

Industry News 

Minimum wage set to increase from 1 July. 

If you employ people, make sure you’re aware of the coming increases to award rates and the national minimum wage. The increases take effect from the first full pay period starting on or after 1 July 2016. If you employ people, make sure you’re aware of the changes!

Who does the 2.4% wage increase apply to?

The 2.4% increase will apply to employees who get their pay rates from:

  • modern award (most employees are covered by an award)
  • the national minimum wage
  • a registered agreement (only in certain cases).

The 2.4% wage increase does not apply to employees who are already getting paid more than the new rate applicable under their award or registered agreement.

For more information including what the minimum wage increases and employers obligations head to the website.


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