This Week in the Market – Edition 72

In today’s This week in the Market, find out what you need to know about access card expiry, an update on what’s next for pooling equipment enforcement and an update for those on the parking waiting list. 

At the Market

Access card common expiry – what you need to know

To streamline processes at the Melbourne Market, all access cards will now have a common expiry date of 1 May. 

At West Melbourne all access cards expired one year following their issue date. This meant that businesses with a number of card holders, had varying renewal dates for each card holder throughout the year, adding to administrative functions in your business.

Over the next week, all business principals will receive a letter from the MMA listing all access cards linked to their business. The letter requests business principals advise the MMA if any access cards need to be removed from their business (due to employee turnover for instance) to ensure access card renewal invoices are accurate when issued.   

Please contact the Customer Service Centre between 4:00am to 11:00am Monday to Friday if you have any queries. 

Parking waiting list update

If you are on the waiting list for a reserved LCV or rigid parking bay, you will be issued with an invoice for unreserved parking prior to Easter.

Upon payment of this invoice you will be issued with a white, ‘Waiting List’ parking permit. This permit will entitle you to park in unreserved parking bays, refer to the fee schedule on our website for unreserved parking fees.

When a reserved parking bay becomes available, the ‘Waiting List’ permit will be cancelled and replaced by a reserved parking permit.

Please note, you cannot get stock pre-orderd and delivered to any specific bay prior to entry.

Pooling equipment enforcement

As you may be aware, last week all fruit and vegetable buyers who did not have a pooling account or statutory declaration registered with the MMA had their access cards to the Market deactivated. 

Over the following three weeks, the same process will be occurring for fruit and vegetable store and stand holders. Those who haven’t completed their obligations under clause 1.1 (b) of the Market Operating Rules will receive a letter shortly detailing requirements and deactivation dates.   

Pooling equipment (pallet) accounts are required as the theft of pallets is estimated to be costing the Market community millions of dollars annually, increasing the cost of doing business at the Market. 

City of Whittlesea rates notice for store and warehouse tenants

This week, all store and warehouse tenants will receive a supplementary rates notice from the City of Whittlesea for the period 1 September 2015 to 30 June 2016. 

While the City of Whittlesea has waived rates for the first 5 years, all tenants must still pay the fire services levy. You can view more about what the fire services levy is and how the levy is calculated here


Industry News 

Melbourne Market Golf Day

The Melbourne Market Golf Day is not only a great day out, but it also raises much needed funds for DEBRA Australia, a non for profit voluneer base organisation supporting individuals and family’s living with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). 

EB is a rare genetic skin condition that leads to a life of pain and debiliitation. EB wounds are often likened to a burn that never heals. Quality of life is extremely poor and in the more severe cases life is cut short from cancer or other secondary complications. 

DEBRA work tirelessly to raise funds for the EB Nurse Program and Family Support program which assists families with vital needs. All donations contribute to the funding and employement of our part time EB nurses to help care for patients with EB. 

Donations also contribute to the Family Support program which funds and provides aides and equipment required for daily living with EB that isn’t otherwise accessed through government departments. 

So what are you waiting for? Download a Golf Day Registration Form today or look out for raffle tickets being sold in the Market. You can also donate directly to DEBRA or find out more about this great organisation via their website

National Horticulture Convention website is now live. 

A new website dedicated to the National Horticulture Convention has been launched, providing growers, industry stakeholders and agribusinesses with everything they need to know about the largest horticultural event in the Southern Hemisphere.

The 2016 Convention will be held at RACV Royal Pines on the Gold Coast from 23-25 June. Visit to register online or access the most up-to-date information on speaker sessions and explore the program.

Nice one!

Banana Point of Sale – more packs available. 

We’ve received additional banana point of sale packs. If you missed out on the first round, there are now more available at the Customer Service Centre collection point.

The pack includes posters, recipe cards and a shelf wobbler.

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