This Week in the Market – edition 189 – 24 July 2018

In this week’s Market News:

Market News

Emergency training

Save the date, on Tuesday 31 July the MMA will be holding an emergency response training session. The session will focus on what to do in the event of an emergency here at the Market. All Market users are welcome to attend the session; because safety is everyone’s responsibility, but ideally at least one representative from each tenancy should attend.
When: Tuesday 31 July
Time: 7:30am – 8:30am
Where: Conference Room, Ground Floor, Market Administration Building

The Fresh Five

This week we talk to Jordan Komen or as he’s also known, Jordy or Junior.
1. Your role at the Melbourne Market: I work for BRP wholesalers, and I work mainly with mushrooms as in cups, buttons and flat mushrooms. I sell, make up orders, unload trucks and anything else that needs to be done.
2. If you could only take three fruits or vegetables with you to a desert island, which would you take: Easy! Mushrooms, cauliflower, and lettuce – because they are our main lines!
3. When was the last time you bought flowers for someone:  The last time I bought flowers was when I had an argument with the missus, they must have worked because she forgave me.
4. Tell us something that is on your ‘bucket list’: To make a million dollars!
5. What do you most enjoy about working at the Melbourne Market: The atmosphere, the people, the friendships, the relationships, it’s all great.

Make your store sing

Have you got your Australian Banana point-of-sale kits?
Australian Bananas are the snack that keep Australia going. And not only do they make bodies sing, thanks to a bunch of a-peeling posters and recipe cards, they’ll make your store sing too.
Simply pick up a free Australian Banana point-of-sale kit from the back of the display truck outside the customer service centre.

Advisory committees meeting next week

Advisory committees will be meeting with the MMA from next week to discuss several points, including Market trading hours.
Committee members will be presented with the results from the recent trading hours survey and be provided with the opportunity to further outline each user groups preferred trading hours.
Speaking to your advisory committee members is an effective way you can raise key issues with the MMA.
To find out who your advisory committee members are click here, and talk to them about the Market issues that affect you.

Filming at the Market

On Wednesday 25 July, Fresh State will be undertaking filming around the Market from 6.00am – 8.00am.
As part of the filming a drone will be used to capture an overview of the vibrancy of the Market, flying through the Buyers’ Walk and outside of the Market.
During the filming please be mindful of your safety, and the safety of those around you. If you see the drone flying overhead avoid being distracted, particularly if you are operating equipment or driving forklifts or electric buggies.

Industry News

Outbound international air cargo to be subject to 100% piece level examination from 1 March 2019

The Department of Home Affairs intends to introduce new enhanced security procedures for air cargo, with 100 per cent piece-level examination of all outbound international air cargo applying from 1 March 2019, regardless of destination.
Piece-level refers to examination of export air cargo at the lowest level of consolidation (that is, each individual box, carton or other similar item) by a regulated air cargo agent under an enhanced air cargo notice. This measure may lead to increased costs for the export of fresh produce by airfreight.
You can see full details on the AUSVEG website.

Boost for Aussie melons to recover from listeria outbreak

Australia’s federal government is going to support the domestic rockmelon industry to help it recover from the deadly listeria outbreak that gutted the industry.
The Turnbull government said it would give the melon industry $100,000 to get back on its feet after the outbreak hurt farmers and gutted Australia’s export market.
Before the outbreak, Australian rockmelons were sought after internationally. It is hoped that this funding boost will help the market regain that status.
Click here for more information.

An orange a day keeps the eye doctor away

There are so many great varieties of oranges around this time of year, (including blood oranges pictured here) and aside from their great taste and immune boosting qualities, scientists have discovered another compelling reason to enjoy an orange a day.
A study conducted by researchers at Sydney’s Westmead Institute for Medical Research found people who regularly eat oranges are less likely to develop macular degeneration than people who do not eat oranges.
The study followed more than 2,000 Australian adults aged over 50 over a 15-year period and found that those who ate at least one serving of oranges every day had more than a 60% reduced risk of developing late macular degeneration 15 years later.
For more information on the fascinating study click here.

Did you know?
The banana is the best fruit source of vitamin B6

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