This Week in the Market – edition 184 – 19 June 2018

In this week’s Market News:

Market News

Market trading hours

Market trading hours are back up for discussion. Last week all advisory committees met with the MMA to discuss the possibility of changing Market opening hours. All Market businesses will get the opportunity to have a say when a survey is released in the coming days. Have a conversation with your Business Principal and make sure they know your thoughts on Market trading hours.

Children in the Market

During the upcoming school holidays, you’ll have the opportunity to bring your children to spend a day at the Market on either, Tuesday 3 July and/or Wednesday 4 July. It is essential that you register each child attending prior to the event.
Registrations will close on Monday 2 July and are limited to the first 100 registered children.
Download the registration from here, then complete and return to the Customer Service Centre as soon as possible.
Contact the MMA on 9258 6100 for more information.

The Fresh Five

This week we talk to the charming Vince Doria
1. Your role at the Melbourne Market: I’m from Freni and Doria Vegetable Growers. We sell fresh vegetables that we grow in the South-East corridor of Melbourne in Devon Meadows.
2. If you could only take three fruits or vegetables with you to a desert island, which would you take: Kale, because we grow it and it’s delicious. Spinach, because it’s full of iron and will build your muscles up like Popeye and mangoes because who doesn’t love a mango!
3. When was the last time you bought flowers for someone: Let me think… Valentine’s day! I bought my wife a bunch of flowers, but come to think of it that was a while ago. It’s her birthday coming up so I’ll be going to see Harry from Mr Fresh to get her another bunch. Harry actually used to work for me before he moved over to the flower industry – great guy!
4. Tell us something that is on your ‘bucket list’: I’d like to go to America, I’ve travelled to so many places around Europe but haven’t been to America yet. Although, my wife doesn’t want to see America so I might be visiting the Big Apple solo!
5. What do you most enjoy about working at the Melbourne Market: I’ve been coming here for 40 years now and what I love is that there are so many different nationalities in here, and we all get along. It’s one big family, it’s a little bit different coming from the old market to Epping but we all really try to keep that tradition of everyone getting along. It’s like a big home, it’s actually really unique.

Fancy yourself being Facebook Famous?

Well maybe not quite ‘famous’ but we are looking for volunteers to feature on our social media pages.
If you follow the Melbourne Market’s Facebook page you may have already seen the likes for Harry, Dean, Dom and John featured. The Facebook page is a great way to for the Market community to connect with consumers, showing the quality produce and expert knowledge you get by shopping at your local green grocer. We are looking for volunteers to speak on video about in-season produce, each video will only go for around 30 seconds, and don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of tips and help on what to say. If you would like to be involved email or call 0421 087 738, and if you see the lovely Zenab from Art and Style walking around the Market looking for volunteers, put your hand up!

Industry News

Looking to recruit new staff?

Melbourne’s North Job Link delivers a free online recruitment portal.
Advertise exclusively to residents of the cities of Whittlesea, Banyule, Hume and Moreland by joining the recently launched Melbourne’s North Job Link.
Offering free membership, the new online platform allows you to:

  • Find staff who live in the north, close to the Market
  • Post your job online
  • Browse jobseekers who have uploaded their CVs

Learn more about the Melbourne’s North Job Link.

Understand incoming changes to heavy vehicle transport laws

On 1 October 2018, the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) will be amended to make it clear that every party in the supply chain has a duty to ensure the safety of their transport activities.
If you’re a primary producer, any time you send or receive goods using a heavy vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of more than 4.5 tonnes – regardless if the vehicle is yours or someone else’s – you become part of the supply chain.
Being part of the supply chain means that you have a responsibility to ensure that the transport tasks that you have control or influence over comply with the law. To learn more about these changes visit the AUSVEG website.

Broccoli lattes could be the next big thing

Green, nutrient-rich coffees may be on the horizon after researchers have developed a powder made from imperfect-looking broccoli that would have previously been wasted.
The product packs a healthy punch with approximately one serve of broccoli in every two tablespoons of powder and its use is not just limited to your morning brew. Broccoli powder could potentially be used for smoothies, soups, baking and as a way of hiding vegetables from fussy kids. The teams behind the product’s development, the CSIRO and Hort Innovation, are currently discussing potential commercial applications with produce growers and grower groups across Australia.
Click here to read more.

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