This Week in the Market edition 125 – 4 April 2017

In today’s This Week in the Market, new restrictions in response to plant pest tomato potato psyllid, a major CCTV upgrade in the Market and a revised Horticulture Code of Conduct in effect.

Market News

New foliage restrictions in place

Agriculture Victoria has imposed new restrictions in response to the detection of plant pest tomato potato psyllid in Western Australia, which may affect the importation of certain herbs, leafy vegetables and fruit into Victoria.

For a full list of plants and foliage affected by these restrictions, please read the update from Agriculture Victoria here.

CCTV upgrade within the Market

Image result for CCTV imagesA major CCTV upgrade has been undertaken to provide improved surveillance enhancing security for all Market users.

The number of cameras has increased by 40% and previous ‘black spots’, such as satellite waste stations and pallet drop off areas, now have CCTV coverage.

The maximum distance range is 45 metres and the pixel density has increased to improve vision clarity. The updated software has the ability to upload vision directly from tablets and mobile devices to further increase coverage.

Installation and testing of the new cameras, as well as adjustment of the existing cameras, was completed on Friday.

Visit TWFS Australia for all your staffing needs

TWFS Australia is now operating within the Market and can assist with all your staffing, recruitment, employment and training needs. Whether you need casual labour, or full time or part time workers, TWFS Australia has solutions to fit any business or budget.

TWFS Australia is located above tenancy 80 on Level 1.  Visit Chris and the team if you have any questions about the company’s services or if you have an urgent need for staff. You can also give Chris a call on 0417 870 549.

Easter trading hours reminder

A reminder the Market will be closed next Friday, 14 April for Good Friday and Monday, 17 April for Easter Monday.

Refer to the Melbourne Market website for full details regarding Easter trading hours.

Children in the Market visits next week

Don’t forget to register your children to visit the Market next Tuesday, 11 April and Wednesday, 12 April.

Registrations will close next Monday, 10 April and are limited to the first 100 registered children. 

Download the registration form here and read the accompanying information carefully, before returning it to the MMA as soon as possible.

Contact the MMA on 9258 6100 for more information.

Don’t dump waste at the pallet drop-off stations

The pallet drop-off stations are for pallets only and not waste dumping.

Infringements will apply if pallets are left anywhere on Market land other than the drop-off stations or the Recycling Transfer Centre, and if the stations are used for waste dumping. The stations are now being monitored by CCTV.

Industry News

Revised Horticulture Code of Conduct

A revised Horticulture Code of Conduct came into effect on 1 April 2017. If you trade in horticulture produce on or after this date, you must comply with the terms of the Code.

There are several important changes in the revised Code, including:

  • Agreements made before 15 December 2006 are no longer exempt from the Code
  • There are financial penalties for non-compliance with the Code
  • All parties must act in good faith
  • You need to keep certain written records for at least six years
  • You can use a formula or method to determine your pricing
  • You no longer have to sign a horticulture produce agreement to accept it. Written acceptance (like an email) is enough.

You have until 1 April 2018 (12 months) to make your existing horticulture produce agreements compliant with the Code.

If you renew or enter into a new agreement before 1 April 2018, it must be compliant with the Code immediately.

Further information about the Horticulture Code can be found here.

Key Dates

Children in the Market

  • Tuesday, 11 April 2017
  • Wednesday, 12 April 2017


  • Good Friday, 14 April 2017
  • Easter Monday, 17 April 2017

Access card common expiry

  • Sunday, 30 April 2017

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