This Week in the Market – 9 October 2018

Edition 200: Get social with A Better Choice
In this week’s Market News:- Get social with A Better Choice
– Snake spotted at the Market
– A retail market at Epping – could it work?

Market News

Get social with A Better Choice

Curious to learn more about A Better Choice?
It’s the marketing program which positions the greengrocer as the expert in fresh produce and reminds consumers that their local greengrocer is A Better Choice for freshness, quality and service.
Make sure to follow and like A Better Choice social channels to keep up-to-date with what’s happening.
Membership to be part of A Better Choice is free, however it is not automatic, and retailers need to sign up to the program, so call 9258 6192 and get on board today!
Next information session
Wednesday 17th October, 6:15 – 6:45am
Where: Tenancy 80, level 1, above the Customer Service Centre
RSVP: Call 9258 6192 or email us


A retail market at Epping – could it work?

The MMA has been investigating the possibility of incorporating a retail market or ‘direct to public’ market at Epping.
Both concepts must grapple with:
1. Impact on buyers currently purchasing via the Market and the independent food system,
2. How to make access, parking and movement within the site convenient for retail customers,
3. How the public could access the Market safely – without causing disruption for tenants that do not want to participate in selling to the public, and
4. Would customers visit the Melbourne Market just to purchase fruit and vegetables when other public markets and retail outlets offer a range of products at a single location.
So far informal consultation has revealed polarising views, with some wholesalers’ keen to provide the public with access to a ‘clearance market’, where they could move excess or low-grade stock at bargain prices. Whereas others had major concerns about how new competition would impact existing buyers, so were strongly opposed to the idea.

If anyone would like to get involved in this debate please contact us via

Early buyers permit details finalised

Last week an email was sent to business principals to announce the details of the early buyers permit trial.
The key points of the trial program are:

  • An early buyers permit is available for any fruit and vegetable buyer to apply for allowing businesses to access the fruit and vegetable market to commence buying from 2:30am, five days per week.
  • An early buyers permit is purchased for an additional fee of $10,000 (ex GST) per business, per annum.
  • The early buyers permit is a trial only, running from 22 October – 31 December 2018. It will then be reviewed, and a decision made on whether to adopt on an ongoing basis.

What will the $10,000 fee go toward?
This program is not intended to be a revenue raising opportunity for the MMA. Any revenue generated will go straight back into the industry with 100% of fees directed to the new national retailer program, A Better Choice, which encourages consumers to shop at their local greengrocer.

An early buyer application form, including terms and conditions can be downloaded from the MMA website.
For further information click here or contact the MMA on 9258 6100.

Snake sightings

As the weather starts to warm up snakes become more active, emerging from their winter hibernation to bask in the sun and to search for food and a mate.
Last week we had a snake sighting at the Melbourne Market and it is a timely reminder of what to do if you spot a snake at the Market.
1. Immediately take two steps backward, the snake will see your silhouette shrinking, and are less likely to attack.
2. Call the Market help desk on 9258 6149 to report the sighting
3. Whilst keeping a safe distance keep an eye on the snake to see where it goes until a market relations officer or security arrives.
Click here to read more about Victoria’s snake season, including tips on staying safe in your own home.

Fire safety

In the event of a fire at the Market it is important that first responders have quick and easy access to fire extinguishers and hoses. You must never park your electric buggy, forklift or vehicle in a position which blocks or obstructs firefighting equipment.
These images are two examples of illegal parking that have blocked access to a fire hose and would cause a major hazard at the Market in the event of a fire. Please ensure you only park your vehicle in designated areas at all times.

United Petrol Offer

Construction works to build a United diesel station are about to commence near gate 2. This is great news for Market users as it will allow you to fill up before, during or after trade, meaning less unnecessary stops during your day.
United are offering Melbourne Market users an exclusive early access deal for those that sign up to a United Card now. Those who sign up to a United Card by 1 December 2018 will get 6c per litre off the price of fuel for 6 months that can be used at any of the 400+ United petrol and diesel locations nationally.
To get yourself a United Card simply call 1300 383 587

Industry News

New melon varieties

An expanded array of new melon varieties will soon be available in Australia as a new generation of Seminis brand melon varieties enter production. According to Seminis, the new varieties are “set to breathe life into the melon category”. The company says flavour is plentiful, claiming new products bring excellent taste and eating quality. Read more on the Produce Plus website.

Mid-week funny: Candid Camera Greengrocer style!

Key Dates

Wednesday 17 October – A Better Choice information session
Tuesday 6 November – Market closed for Melbourne Cup public holiday

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