This Week In The Market – 6 August 2019

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In this week’s Market News:

– Warehouse 7
– Magnetic Bollard Installation
– Fresh State Gala Ball

Market News

A Better Choice in numbers

Have you signed up for A Better Choice, our industry’s National Retailer Program?

If not, here’s some impressive numbers that will hopefully help you take the plunge:

  • 172 the number of participating stores in Victoria
  • 62 the number of stores in Victoria that are branded in the A Better Choicebranding
  • 80 the number of individual retailers who have completed a profile about their store or offering on the A Better Choice website directing business their way
  • 130 the number of retailer touchpoints
  • 105,821 the number of Likes on Facebook for A Better Choice
  • 1,274 the number of Followers on Instagram

So, if this has excited you and you would like to get involved in Australia’s only National Retailer Program for Fruit and Veg, email:

Warehouse 7

Over the coming week, market users will see some activity around Pad 7 in preparation for construction to start on site on Monday 5 August. A new warehouse is being constructed and scheduled for completion in March 2020. Market users can expect some disruption during the construction of this warehouse:

  • It is anticipated that a site compound for sheds and a parking area for contractors’ vehicle will be established on the vacant land behind Warehouse 8
  • The roadway behind Warehouses 8 and 9 will only be used to access the temporary parking area for contractors’ vehicles
  • All delivery of materials and equipment will be via the ring road and the hardstand in front of Pad 7
  • The existing temporary fence running along the boundary of the empty pad adjacent to Warehouse 6 will be moved
  • Market users can expect increased noise and dust levels during the day. However, there will be a dust management plan in place.
  • Increase in traffic. However, deliveries will be limited to after 9am
  • Contractors will start work at 7am. Work will be contained within the construction site. Any work outside of the site will be scheduled to after 9am
  • Due to supply constraints and scheduling, concrete pours will need to commence early and there will be a large number and constant flow of trucks during this time.

We will keep you updated throughout the construction. However, if you require further information or clarification please contact the MMA.

Weekly words of wisdom

Only smoke in designated smoking areas: a message from Emmanuel & Joey from Farmers Fresh Produce.

Melbourne Market is a drug and alcohol-free worksite

The MMA is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all Market users. When individuals are affected by drugs or alcohol, it impairs their judgement, and this is why, like many other industrial worksites around the country, the Melbourne Market is a drug and alcohol-free worksite.

This means, any person on Market Land must not have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) over 0.00%, or be under the influence of prohibited drugs at any time.

Our drug and alcohol policy is in place to ensure the safety of all Market users.

Magnetic Bollard installation complete

When the Market first opened concrete bollards had been installed on the trading floor. If these bollards were hit by a forklift they were costly to replace and caused a significant amount of damage to the concrete they were secured to.

The MMA began a project some time ago to replace the concrete bollards with magnetic bollards that are tethered with a chain.

These bollards create a visual and physical barrier between forklifts and pedestrians, however, now if unintentionally hit they can simply be picked up an put back on their magnetic base rather than incurring costs to the businesses.

Fresh State Gala Ball – 31st August

Download your booking form for the Gala Ball by clicking here.
Completed forms can be returned to or to the Fresh State Office.

Industry News

Technology in Agriculture

A TOTAL of 39 emerging technologies and 24 new industries have been identified in a report looking at ways to move Australian agriculture forward towards the National Farmers’ Federation $100 billion target.

The report, Horizon Scanning – Opportunities for New Technologies and Industriesis the culmination of two years of work by the Queensland University of Technology, and has been funded by AgriFutures Australia.

AgriFutures Australia managing director, John Harvey said the use of new technologies was vital to ensure the industry was moving forward.

Key Dates

  • Daffodil Day – Friday 23 August
  • Fresh State Gala Ball – Saturday 31 August
  • Grand Final Public Holiday – Friday 27 September

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