This Week in the Market – 30 October 2018

Edition 203: A Better Choice – creating the visual connection for consumers
In this week’s Market News:

– Dandy Fresh Market proposal rejected
– Fresh Five talks to Fonse Muratore and Karan Basra
– ‘A Better Choice’ , creating the visual connection for consumers

Market News

What are you waiting for? Join the greengrocer movement

‘A Better Choice’ positions the greengrocer as the expert in fresh produce and reminds consumers that their local greengrocer is A Better Choice for freshness, quality and service.

The success of ‘A Better Choice’ relies on the registration and participation of greengrocers within Victoria.  The more retailers participating, the greater the reach, impact and consumer awareness of the brand.

Membership to be part of A Better Choiceis free, however it is not automatic, and retailers need to sign up to the program.
Members of ‘A Better Choice’ can access collateral to place in store; things like posters, recommendation cards, shopping lists and decals. This creates a visual connection for the consumer so what they are starting to see in online advertising and social media is then seen in-store.
As ‘A Better Choice’ member you’ll have access to a visual merchandiser, who will visit your store and can provide suggestions on how to make the collateral and branding most impactful.

Don’t wait any longer. Click the button below to complete your application form.

Complete the ‘A Better Choice’ membership application form

Minister rejects Dandy Fresh proposal

Plans to build a $15M fresh produce market in Melbourne’s South East have been rejected by the Minister for Planning. The land, zoned as green-wedge, originally received council approval to develop a Market in direct competition to the Epping Market, however after planning advisory committee hearings the proposal has been rejected.
Click here to read more.

Reserved Parking allocation

If you are notified of an allocation for a permanent reserved parking bay, you must visit the Customer Service Centre (Store 80) within two weeks of notification of the allocation.  Failure to collect your reserved parking permit will result in forfeiture of your application you will return to the bottom of the wait list.
The MMA are continuing to work through the permanent reserved parking bay wait list and are allocating bays as soon as they become available.
Please note that no parking allocation will be made to customers who are in arrears.
For more information contact the MMA’s Jenny Renehan on 9258 6189.

Health inspections

Food safety inspections are put in place by the government to ensure that food is clean and safe for consumers.
Inspections are an effective way to protect consumers from poor food handling practices and the potential spread of food-borne illness.
A reminder that food safety inspectors have the authority to enter the Market at any time to conduct inspections on all tenancies.
To read more about Food Safety on the City of Whittlesea’s website, click here.

Pallet cages yellow

You may notice pallet cages undergoing a make-over in the coming weeks as they are painted bright yellow. The bright colour will allow forklift operators to easily spot the cages from a distance enabling drivers to pick up or drop off pallets free of charge at various locations around the Market.
The bright colour is not the only change, with additional cages being added and some cages being moved to safer locations.
This means that if you drive to your normal pallet drop-off spot and find the cage is no longer there do not just leave your pallets on the ground. If you are unsure of your closet pallet drop-off point, ask a Market relations officer.

Fresh Five

This week we talk to Fonse Muratore and Karan Basra from VB Sculli who are based in stores 14-20.
1. Your roles at the Melbourne Market: 
Fonse: VB Sculli is a family run business, we sell just about everything, from melons, pineapples, limes, some citrus, mangoes, avocados, a bit of everything. I work in sales and have worked in the Market for 40 years.
Karan: I’m in logistics and have been in the Market for 10 years.
Fonse: 50 years combined – not bad!
2. If you could only take three fruits or vegetables with you to a desert island, which would you take:
Fonse: Mangoes, dragon-fruit and melons, just cause they’re the best.
Karan: Pineapple, rockmelon and lychees.
3. When was the last time you bought flowers for someone (or had them bought for you):
Fonse: Mother’s Day for my wife. 
Karan: I haven’t bought for anyone in a long time but I’m the one who picks the flowers for Fonse to give to his wife.
4. Tell us something that is on your ‘bucket list’:
Fonse: Have a good long holiday, for about three months. I actually retired once but I came back after two months, I missed the place too much! 
Karan: I want to go to Vegas.
Fonse: Ahhh Vegas, best place in the world. 
5. What do you most enjoy about working at the Melbourne Market:
Fonse: Talking to all the different people.
Karan: Same, getting to talk to so many people, we always have fun and it’s great to work for VB Sculli.

Industry News

Eating more organic food may reduce your risk of cancer

Eating a diet rich in organic foods could help to reduce your risk of lymphoma and postmenopausal breast cancer, according to the results of a world-first French study.
The new research found that people who ate a lot of organic food significantly reduced their risk of specific cancers.
Click here to find out more about the findings of the study.

‘Food terrorism’ and other possible culprits behind the strawberry contamination scare

An entire industry was brought to its knees in September when needles were discovered in strawberries. The Federal Government responded by increasing the maximum penalty for food contamination to 15 years in jail — a punishment normally reserved for people convicted of child pornography and terrorism charges.
But we’re still no closer to knowing who did it and why.
A police investigation has so far produced no breakthroughs.
Read about the possible culprits and associated implications by clicking here.


Foodbank work together with the Melbourne Market community, as well as with farmers, food and grocery manufacturers, retailers and thousands of charities and schools, to source and supply 1.2 million meals each week for Australian families.

However, 65,000 people are still turned away each month, because there simply isn’t enough food.
Deliver produce to the rear of store 148, from 6.30 – 9.00am, Monday-Friday.

Key Dates

Tuesday 30 October – A Better Choice information session
Tuesday 6 November – Market closed for Melbourne Cup public holiday

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