This Week In The Market – 30 July 2019

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In this week’s Market News:- High Voltage Power Shutdown
– Warehouse 7
– Fresh State Gala Ball

Market News

High Voltage Power Shutdown

To all store Nominees and Business Principals:

As you are aware, there was an SP Ausnet enforced shutdown on Sunday 28 July.

The shutdown should not have impacted the Central Cooling Plant. However, for reasons not yet understood, the Central Plant lost power and damaged critical control mechanisms including the fibre optic module, a sector controller and a bank of relays which impacted a number stores.

Manual overrides have now been activated and the control panels will be replaced within the next 12 hours. The MMA has engaged individual store refrigeration contractors to inspect every store and validate operating conditions.

Representatives from the MMA will be visiting each of the stores on Tuesday 30 July at the beginning of trade to review operating conditions.

Why was there a power shutdown?

The reason for the power shutdown is twofold;

  1. The local electricity infrastructure provider, AUSNET shut off power to not only the Melbourne Market but the entire local area to upgrade power lines to the Northern Hospital.
  2. The MMA used the imposed shutdown as an opportunity to complete annual mandatory high voltage safety testing.

Sunday 4 August 2019
This shutdown has been postponed until further notice.

Further information
If you have any questions, please contact the help desk on 9258 6419.

Meet your advisory committee membersThis week we caught up with the lucky last of our Fruit and Veg Advisory Committee Members, Brett Collins, from the Wholesalers Advisory Committee.

Your role at the Market:
I’m General Manager Melbourne Markets at Perfection Fresh and have been working in the Market for 25 years now.
I first came to the Market as a visitor while I was at University and fell in love with the place. I’ve had different roles and worked for various businesses during my 25 years, also serving as a Director at Fresh State for the past seven years.
What do you think are the most important issues for the Market and Industry? 
I think it’s always about long term sustainability for any business within the Market or Industry. A big part is about monitoring what is happening with the costs of doing business at the Market and how organisations can continue to succeed. It’s also about ensuring the ongoing success and sustainability of our independent retailers, and I think the A Better Choice program is a great initiative and will help towards that goal.
Why did you want to become a member of the advisory committee? 
I think it’s important that wholesalers are represented, with a strong voice, to work with the Market Authority. I’m an approachable guy, and a lot of the wholesalers will talk to me about their issues within the Market, whether that may be trading hours, succession planning, staffing, or anything else. I can then feed these issues through to the advisory committee, so we can work in a collaborative way towards solutions.
What are you positive about for the future? 
The consumption of fresh produce is increasing with trends towards healthy eating. At Perfection, we are responding to this with more ‘ready-to’ products and produce with convenience and size in mind. It’s a real opportunity to be innovative.
What’s something people wouldn’t know about you?
I have a great passion for politics and believe that those who are making decisions need to make good sound decisions for the people they represent.

Thank you to all our advisory committee members who spoke so candidly about their thoughts regarding the Market and broader industry. You can find a list of all advisory committee members on the MMA website.

Warehouse 7

Over the coming week, market users will see some activity around Pad 7 in preparation for construction to start on site on Monday 5 August. A new warehouse is being constructed and scheduled for completion in March 2020. Market users can expect some disruption during the construction of this warehouse:

  • It is anticipated that a site compound for sheds and a parking area for contractors’ vehicle will be established on the vacant land behind Warehouse 8
  • The roadway behind Warehouses 8 and 9 will only be used to access the temporary parking area for contractors’ vehicle
  • All delivery of materials and equipment will be via the ring road and the hardstand in front of Pad 7
  • The existing temporary fence running along the boundary of the empty pad adjacent to Warehouse 6 will be moved
  • Market users can expect increased noise and dust levels during the day. However, there will be a dust management plan in place.
  • Increase in traffic. However, Deliveries will be limited to after 9am
  • Contractors will start work at 7am. Work will be contained within the construction site. Any work outside of the site will be scheduled to after 9am
  • Due to supply constraints and scheduling, concrete pours will need to commence early and there will be a large number and constant flow of trucks during this time.

We will keep you updated throughout the construction. However, if you require further information or clarification please contact the MMA.

At the recent Hort Connections conference, in a joint meeting between the CMAA and FMA, a decision was made to continue to invest in the National Retailer Program: A Better Choice. 

Since the conference, nominations were sought to re-establish a Steering Committee and the Marketing Guiding Committee, with all positions now filled.

For good governance the Marketing Guiding Committee reports directly to the Steering Committee and is made up of one representative from each Market and one representative from each Chamber.

The Marketing Guiding Committee is responsible for generating ideas for the campaign and rolling out the A Better Choice agenda. This committee has its first meeting for this financial year on Thursday 1 August.

A Better Choice currently has 172 members in Victoria, the highest out of every State.

Weekly words of wisdom

This week we feature David from Mildura Fresh, who gives us an important safety tip. Always walk on the pedestrian allocated walkways, not the ones marked for forklifts.

Donations for the Homeless this winter

Here at the Market, we know all about cold mornings, although it doesn’t compare to how those who are sleeping-rough, experience Melbourne’s cold winters.

Gerry from Fruitopia is collecting items such as; socks, blankets, sleeping bags and other similar items to help keep Melbourne’s homeless warm.

You can drop-off your good-quality donations for the homeless at the Fruitopia Warehouse (Pad 1, Warehouse 3), between 2am-7am each morning this week.

You will find clearly labelled bins out the front of Fruitopia’s warehouse to place your donated items in.

Melbourne Market is a drug and alcohol-free worksite

The MMA is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all Market users. When individuals are affected by drugs or alcohol, it impairs their judgement, and this is why, like many other industrial worksites around the country, the Melbourne Market is a drug and alcohol-free worksite.

This means, any person on Market Land must not have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) over 0.00%, or be under the influence of prohibited drugs at any time.

Our drug and alcohol policy is in place to ensure the safety of all Market users.

Fresh State Gala Ball

Download your booking form for the Gala Ball by clicking here.
Completed forms can be returned to or to the Fresh State Office.

Key Dates

  • Daffodil Day – Friday 23 August
  • Fresh State Gala Ball – Saturday 31 August  
  • Grand Final Public Holiday – Friday 27 September

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