This Week In The Market – 28 May 2019

Edition 229: Zespri KiwiGold promotion
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In this week’s Market News:

– Zespri KiwiGold promotion available exclusively for A Better Choice members
– Advisory committees to meet
– United diesel station now open

Market News

Meet your advisory committee members

Over the coming weeks, we will be profiling each of our advisory committee members for you to get to know a little more about them.
This week we spoke to Dean Lamb, from the Retailers Advisory Committee.
Your role at the Market:
My wife and I own Watt’s Fresh in Kyneton.
What are you passionate about in the industry?
I think as an industry, we need to understand we’re not really competitors with each other; we’re all in partnership to make sure that as greengrocers, we present a better offering than the supermarkets. If the shop up the road does a good job, it also reflects well on you. The idea that other retailers are the enemy is an old one; we need to work together to keep our industry vibrant.
What do you think are important issues for the Market?
Personally, I think there are some bad design issues with the Market in Epping, things that are locked in that we now need to work around, we need some lateral thought to make the best use of the design we have.
What are you positive about for the future? 
Being a greengrocer is a noble profession; it took me years to work that out. It’s as important being a greengrocer as it is a doctor, because if we feed people well they get a chance to live a healthy life. In general, the public wants to be healthier, so our consumers are there, we need to connect health-conscious consumers with their local fruit shop to grow our sector.
Why did you want to be a member of the advisory committee?
I wanted to become a member because I’ve got opinions about a lot of things and I feel that I’ve got some experience in other areas, like design, that could help improve the Market.
What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you?
I was on Grand Designs Australia, where I built a house out of straw.
(Series 5, episode 9 for those interested in having a look)

Advisory committees work with the MMA to advise on matters relating to Market operations and the fresh produce industry, and committee members are a great source of information and advice for Market users. To find out who all the members of the advisory committees are, please visit the MMA website.

Advisory committee meetings held over the next fortnight

You’ve had the chance to hear from a few of our advisory committee members over the past months, and during the next fortnight, the groups will be coming together for one of their regular quarterly meetings.
Speaking to your advisory committee members is an effective way you can raise key issues with the MMA.
To find out who your advisory committee members are click here, and talk to them about the Market issues that affect you.

Weekly words of wisdom

Forklifts are essential for work at the Market, but when they are not operated correctly, they can be a significant hazard.
Thanks for the tips Jason, great common-sense advice!

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United diesel station now open

Industry News

One month to go until Hort Connections 2019

There is only one month to go before Hort Connections 2019, the biggest event in Australian horticulture, kicks off at the Melbourne Convention Centre. This year, over 3,250 local and international industry members throughout the horticulture supply chain will come together to listen to experts and discuss ‘Growing our Food Future’.
Click here to read more.

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