This Week In The Market – 24 September 2019

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In this week’s Market News:- Children in the Market today and tomorrow
– Fresh Berry leading the way with sustainable packaging
– Warehousing available

Market News

Children in the Market

Today and tomorrow we will be welcoming Children into the Market for our regular school holiday event.
We ask that you be extra vigilant as you go about your day, making sure to keep an eye out to ensure it is an enjoyable and safe experience for all children involved.
Upon check-in at Gate 1 security, children will receive their high-vis vest as well as some fruit to take home or enjoy while they’re on-site.
Thanks to the following businesses who kindly donated produce for children to enjoy.
– Barkers Fresh Produce
– Arcella Banana Company
– Market City Fruits

Fresh Berry leading the way with sustainable packaging

Market wholesalers and berry growers, Fresh Berry Co, are leading the way in the war-on-waste with the business now selling many of their lines of berries and snacking tomatoes in fully sustainable, compostable packaging.
As well as being environmentally sustainable, the new packaging offers a point of difference, and many greengrocers see the packaging as a key selling point.
Leon Mugavin from Leaf says his customers have responded positively to the packaging, “Consumer reaction has been very good, customers are becoming more environmentally conscious, and we’re finding the loyalty and repeat sales of these products is fantastic. When I first saw them, I thought what a great idea, our customers are always pushing us to be more environmentally aware.”
While Fresh Berry still has standard plastic packaging available, the compostable packaging offers something different for many greengrocers. The price point for the produce in compostable packaging is slightly higher, the produce is premium quality, and the punnets not only enhance the presentation of the fruit, but they also offer customers a secondary option to collect and compost their scraps or to plant their seedlings.
To date, Fresh Berry is the only Market business offering berries and tomatoes in top seal compostable packaging, and their long term objective is to replace as much plastic as is practicable. Changing purchasing from cheaper overseas plastics is not the easy choice as it comes at a financial cost for Fresh Berry. “The machine to seal the top film was a huge financial investment for us, but we wanted to be forward-thinking in our approach to sustainability,” said Tony Pettinella from Fresh Berry.
Leon agrees that it’s an initiative worth supporting, “We’ve got to support businesses like Fresh Berry, it has come at a cost to them, but they have championed the cause, we need to support people who are prepared to look at things differently.”
In the right consumer market, this new “Earthcycle” packaging, made from responsibly sourced Canadian FSC controlled wood in “OK Compost” certified wood pulp punnets, can allow retailers to enhance their offer to a customer base that is increasingly considering their environmental impact when making buying decisions.
See the compostable packaging for yourself at Fresh Berry Co, Store 117.

Do you have a new or innovative product you think the Market Community would like to hear about? Contact MMA Communications Advisor, Lauren Kitchener,

ESR Warehousing available

An ESR warehouse approximately 1,250sqm in size, will soon become available, from October 2019.
Entering into a warehousing lease agreement can allow businesses to consolidate operations at the Market to enhance efficiency; as well as providing 24/7 access to the Market.
Register your interest with Vito Salvagio (ESR Australia)

Weekly words of wisdom

The safety tip this week is to always pick up and reattach the magnetic bollards if you see them knocked over. The bollards are a visual safety barrier to separate vehicles and pedestrians.
Thanks for the tip Ross (and thanks Sal for your brilliant acting in the background)

Support for Skye, in loving memory of Chris Elston

A few weeks ago Chris Elston tragically lost his life after being involved in a road accident at the Market.
Chris’s 6-year-old daughter, Skye, lost her loving father and many in the market community asked Fresh State for assistance in setting up a fund to ensure that Skye’s financial needs are taken care of in the future.
Fresh State has set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money to go into an education trust fund for Skye. The money donated will be used for her future tuition fees and costs of education.
If you would like to donate to the fund please click here.

Are you concerned about your drinking or drug use?

There are many organisations that offer drug and alcohol-related support services.
Direct Line – 1800 888 236
DirectLine provides a confidential 24-hour telephone counselling, information and referral service for anyone in Victoria wishing to discuss alcohol or drug-related issues.
A comprehensive list of other drug and alcohol support services can be found on the Alcohol and Drug Foundation website at

AFL Grand Final public holiday

The Market will be closed on Friday 27 September for the AFL Grand Final eve public holiday.
If your parking permit only allows access on a day that falls on a public holiday, and you would like to come to the Market on an alternative adjacent day, you will not be charged for parking and can enter the Market. However, your regular bay may not be available. Please see a Market Relations Officer on arrival for instruction.
Whether you’re planning to watch the big game or avoid it at all costs, Melbourne has so much on this long weekend.
Click here to check out a great list of events and activities happening around Melbourne.

Industry News

Seven Victorians awarded Nuffield farming scholarships

Seven Victorians have been honoured with prestigious Nuffield farming scholarships, including Catherine Velisha from Velisha Wholesalers.
Read more on The Weekly Times website.
Well done to all Nuffield farming scholarship awardees.

Key Dates

  • Children in the Market – Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 September
  • Grand Final Public Holiday – Friday 27 September

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