Tenancy fit-out Intial Briefing Meetings – 611

DATE: 26 MARCH 2014
TO: All Fruit and Vegetable Store Holders


Initial Briefings for the relocation to Epping will commence on Friday 28 March 2014 for all fruit and vegetable store holders.

Briefings for each Tenant will be held at the Epping Information Centre located in the centre of the trading floor at the West Melbourne Market with the Tenancy Coordinator from Root Projects Australia (RPA).

To organise an appointment, please use the appointment book located at the front of the Epping Information Centre.

Briefings will run for approximately 30 minutes, and will be held over a six week period every Tuesday and Friday from 7:00am to 10:00am.

In this meeting, RPA will explain the fit-out process for your new Epping store and discuss design options with you.

This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and the briefing will provide you with the information you need to start planning for the move. Please refer to the meeting agenda over the page for more information.

To get the most out of this briefing, we recommend you read the revised ‘Tenancy Fit-out Guide’, the ‘Tenancy Fit-out Do’s and Don’ts’ and complete the ‘Tenant Details Form’ prior to booking an appointment.

These documents are available in hardcopy from the Epping Information Centre and are also available to download on the Melbourne Markets website.


For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI