Stages to take possession and commence trading

To complete your fit out

Those Tenants that are still fitting out their stores should be encouraging their Builders to complete their works as soon as possible, to ensure sufficient time for pre-trade activities to be completed – including IT and communications installation and staff familiarisation. As soon as your fit-out works have been completed and your Builder has obtained an Occupancy Permit, the Tenancy Coordinator will undertake a final defects inspection on behalf of the MMA.

1)     Once the final inspection has been completed and your pre-trade requirements have been satisfied, then you will be issued with an Authority to Trade certificate – by email from Root Projects. If you haven’t done so already, Tenants are reminded to:

a)     Lodge their new Security Amount under clause 17.1 of the Store Lease. The MMA issued a letter to all tenants on 15th July outlining the exact amount and details for payment;

b)     Lodge their Public Liability Insurance Certificate with the MMA;

c)      Make arrangements for their various utility connections including telephone, internet, water, glycol, electricity and gas (cafes only).

2)     You will need to take this Authority to Trade certificate with you and present it to the security personnel at the Main Security Office at Gate 1 (Epping). The security personnel will ask you to sign for your tenancy keys.

3)     Once you have picked up the tenancy keys from the Main Security Office you are free to access and take possession of your store to prepare for trade. Permanent and uninterrupted cooling supply is available once your refrigeration system is commissioned, allowing you to start transferring produce to your store.

Tenants should also be arranging the design and installation of their pallet racking systems and external signage panels.

To commence trading

Store holders and warehouse tenants, please be advised that under the terms of your Lease you are required to provide the MMA with the following items before you will be given permission to commence trading:

1. A Certificate of Currency of Public Liability Insurance of not less than $20 million per occurrence.

2. A Security Amount, in the form of a Bank Guarantee or Insurance Bond, for an amount equal to six month’s rent plus GST.

These items should be provided to the MMA in order to be ready to commence trading on Market opening of Monday 31 August 2015.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

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