Proposed Market Hours at Epping – 626

Date: 11 August 2014

The opening of the Melbourne Market at Epping in the first half of 2015 provides an opportunity to review many of the existing practices at West Melbourne, such as recycling, workplace health and safety and operating hours.

Market operating hours have been debated often over the years. To ensure a fair, thorough and effective consultation process with all stakeholder groups within the Market community, the MMA have engaged an external consultancy firm, McKinna et al, to undertake this exercise. McKinna et al were selected as they have extensive experience in each element of the fresh produce supply chain and a thorough understanding of fresh food markets globally.

The consultation process will commence with a dedicated workshop with each of the Market Advisory Committees during August to canvass their opinions and associated rationale. The names of the members of each advisory committee are below.

If you would like to have input you can:
Discuss with your relevant Advisory Committee members to ensure your opinions are heard
Email your comments to
Request a meeting with McKinna et al by emailing

Advisory Committee members and contacts

Wholesalers Advisory Committee
Mr Harry Kapiris (Chairperson) phone 03 9689 6711
Mr Grant Nichol
Mr Shane Schnitzler
Mr Robin Westmore
Mr Vince Brancatisano (Prestige)

Growers Advisory Committee
Mr David Wallace (Chairperson) phone 03 9336 3892
Mr David Kelly
Mr Luis Gazzola
Mr Alec Berias
Mr Vince Doria
Mr Mark Paganoni

Retailers Advisory Committee
Mr Paul Ahern (Chairperson) phone (03) 5682 2095
Mr John Psarakos
Mr Glynn Harvey
Mr John Chapman
Mr Trevor Wilson

Flower Advisory Committee
Mr Geoff Maguire (Chairperson) phone (m) 0417 530 824
Mr John Boon
Mr Philip Mays
Mr Adrian Parsons
Mr Greg Duffy

An outcome of this exercise is anticipated later this year, but further updates will be communicated throughout the process.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI