Notice to All Retailers in the Wholesale Market Parking Arrangements for Epping – 655

DATE:  29 MAY, 2015

The purpose of this notice is to:

• advise you on how bays for Epping will be allocated;
• the priority order that will be followed;
• next steps and important dates in the process;
• information you need to check; and
• facts you need to be aware of when you check your information.


In January/February 2015, an Expression of Interest (EOI) from retailers in the current wholesale market was conducted for parking in the new wholesale market at Epping. Over 500 responses were received by the due date of 20 February 2015. In addition, another approximately 30 responses were received well after the due date.

Since that time, the Melbourne Market Authority (MMA) has been working through the data collected and discussing a process with the Retailers Advisory Committee for the MMA to make an allocation of retailer vehicle bays.
It has not been possible to do an allocation for bays based on the areas nominated by retailers. This is because in some areas demand outweighs the available supply of bays, particularly for undercover rigid bays. In the circumstances, the MMA cannot select which businesses should receive undercover parking over others that would not. The fairest and most equitable way of allocating the bays is by ballot.

Ballots and priority

Ballots will be held on 24 June 2014 in the National Flower Centre officiated by an independent probity adviser.

The ballot order will give priority to retailers (as at January 2015) in the following general order:
1. Reserved undercover
2. Reserved not covered
3. Unreserved
4. Late respondents (Reserved or Unreserved)
5. Casual

Within the above, ballots will be based on the number of days of the week followed by the number of bays allocated.

If Retailers seeking undercover parking do not obtain undercover parking during the ballots, they will be put on a wait list for undercover parking and allocated bays as they become available.

For a period of 7 days after the ballots, retailers will be able to swap their bays.

Retailers who are unable to attend the ballots, will be able to nominate a person who is authorised to make selections on their behalf.

Rules for the ballots will be made available to retailers along with the order of selection and a timetable for the ballot day during the week commencing 15 June 2015.

Two orientation days at Epping have been scheduled for retailers (10 and 18 June 2015) so that they can make informed choices when selecting locations in the ballots.

Next Steps and timelines

Lists of all retailers by classification, number of requested vehicle bays and days of usage are being distributed in the market on Friday 29 May. Retailers will have until 5 June 2015 in which to notify if they have a query of their information.

It is important that you take the time to read through and check your details. If you wish to discuss your details please telephone Mary Baker on 0427 896 114 or email

A second list – those retailers who submitted an EOI well after the due date, will also be made available. Prior to the ballots, details on these businesses will be released to them for checking. The allocation of bays for this group will occur after the ballots on 24 June 2015.

Information to inform your decisions

The following rules apply:
• following the ballots, you will need to register your vehicles with the MMA;
• all vehicles must be correctly sized for bays. It is not permissible if you only have a light commercial vehicle, you cannot select a rigid or semi bay. In such a case, you will lose your allocation; and
• bays cannot be sold. When a bay is not required by a retailer, it must be handed back to the MMA for allocation.

Retailers are encouraged to fully consider their parking needs and only request bays they need. In this way, more retailers can have their parking requests met.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI