Notice of extended common opening date

With reference to market circular of 28 May 2015 (Market Circular No. 654), which advised all persons relocating to Epping that the Common Opening Date for the Epping market would be the 3 August 2015. The MMA advises that this date has been revised and will now be 31 August 2015*.

Fit out works

We remind you that you should now seek to complete any fit out works in your store or warehouse prior to 31 August 2015 to ensure that you are in a position to start operating your business at Epping when trading commences.

Security Amount

We also remind you that lease holders at Epping must provide the MMA with the Security Amount by way of Bank Guarantee or Insurance Bond before your Epping Lease commences in accordance with the terms of your lease.

No further access to West Melbourne

Access will be restricted to the West Melbourne market from 30 August 2015.

No trading will be allowed at West Melbourne after trading has commenced at Epping.

*This date is the “Common Opening Date” for all leases and licences for the new wholesale market at Epping.

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