New Waste Disposal Fees at West Melbourne – 616

DATE: 3 JUNE 2014
TO: All Melbourne Market Tenants and Licensees


From 1 June 2014, new terms and fees for disposing of organic and general or mixed contaminated waste at the West Melbourne Waste Transfer Station will apply.

This review has been necessary in view of increased landfill levies and the significant increase in the volume of non-recyclable waste being produced by the Markets since waste disposal fees were first introduced in April 2005 (Circular No.440).

New charges explained

New fees for recycling at West Melbourne are in effect from Monday 13 October. Melbourne Markets Tenants or Licensees are permitted to dispose of unlimited uncontaminated waste free of charge at the Waste Transfer. Tenants and Licensees will continue to be charged for the disposal of any general (non-organic) or mixed waste.

Uncontaminated organic waste is produce without packaging of any kind. All packaging must be removed from organic waste including produce such as nashi pears in non-biodegradable sleeves, cucumbers wrapped in plastic, cherry tomatoes in plastic containers and herbs in plastic sleeves, punnets or boxes. Contaminated organic waste will be charged at the general or mixed waste rates. You also need to show a valid access card at Waste Transfer Station each time you visit.

General (non-organic) waste volumes will be recorded and supplied to the MMA by IKON Services. The MMA will then issue invoices to individual Tenants and Licensees, along with charges incurred for the disposal of any other waste.

Want to know more about new recycling fees? Adam Popovic from IKON is available to speak with you or your staff about recycling and reducing waste fees for your business Ph: 0407 277 090






$105/PER 1.5 m3 BIN $140/PER 3.0 m3 BIN


What are the terms?’

  • Only Market Tenants or Licensees are permitted to dispose of waste at the Waste Transfer Station; located on the North East boundary of the site adjacent to Warehouse M. A valid access card must be shown at the waste transfer station each time waste is disposed of.
  • Waste will only be accepted at the Waste Transfer Station between 5.00am and 12.00noon, Monday to Friday.
  • Waste must be delivered to the Waste Transfer Station by forklift. Deliveries on trucks will not be accepted.
  • Organic waste which has been wrapped or packaged with materials unsuitable for recycling (for example produce such as nashi pears, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes) as they are individually wrapped in non-biodegradable form, plastic or similar, will be charged at the general or mixed/contaminated organic waste rates. . Produce which has been separated and removed from individual wrapping will be charged at the uncontaminated organic waste rates.

Please note that while Market Tenants and Licensees are encouraged to bring their waste to the Waste Transfer Station, alternative arrangements with an external company for waste disposal can be made.

All Market Tenants, Licensees and Users are also reminded that it is a breach of the Melbourne Market Authority By-Laws (2002) to bring in or dispose of any rubbish on the Market site. A breach of this By-Law will incur a maximum penalty of $2,000.

How can I reduce my waste disposal fees?

It’s easy to reduce what you pay in waste disposal fees by increasing what you recycle.

If you deliver sorted pallets of single recyclable non-organic waste (i.e. cardboard only or polystyrene only or plastics only) to the Waste Transfer Station, you will not be charged a disposal fee.

You might also consider donating any unsold produce which is still fit for human consumption to Foodbank Victoria with whom the Melbourne Markets have enjoyed a partnership for more than 10 years. Foodbank Victoria is an independent not for profit organisation that provides food relief to individuals and families experiencing hardship.

Foodbank Victoria accepts all quality fruit and vegetables. You can donate surplus, out of spec, not suitable for sale product. The only requirement is the product must be fit for human consumption, edible and safe. Every donation is fully tax deductible.

Please deliver Foodbank donations to Stands 631-632 from 7.00am onwards every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Who do I contact if I need more information?

Please speak to an on-site Market Relations staff member if you would like more information on recycling. Contact office the Market Operations Office on 9258 6169 with any queries regarding waste disposal fees.


For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

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