12 AUGUST 2016




The Melbourne Market has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner in The Australian Business Awards 2016 for Sustainability.

The award recognises the Melbourne Market’s achievements in promoting excellence through innovative initiatives that have transformed business practices. The Melbourne Market has been able to re-define its approach by incorporating sustainable initiatives into each step of the design and construction of the new Melbourne Market at Epping.

Stephen McArthur, Chairman of the Melbourne Market Authority (MMA) says the award affirms their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

“Perhaps one of our greatest achievements at the new Melbourne Market facility is the ability to incorporate world-class technology to reduce our impact on the environment. This award win recognises the intelligent design of a site that has been custom made to meet the needs of a growing industry”, says Mr McArthur.

The new Melbourne Market began trading at Epping on 31 August 2015. The intent of the new site was to establish a modern, innovative and efficient fresh produce trading and distribution precinct, facilitating the growth of the Victorian food and fresh produce industries.

Key in designing the new Market was reducing the environmental impact in the areas of water, energy, waste and biodiversity.

The Australia Business Award win comes just three months after the Melbourne Market received an international award by the World Union of Wholesale Markets 2016 Market Awards for Reducing Food Loss and Food Waste.

“While sustainable thinking was at the forefront during design and construction, it is also embedded in the day to day operations to ensure the infrastructure is utilised to its full potential”, says Mr McArthur.

“For over a decade, The Australian Business Awards have recognised organisations that prioritise innovation and technology as drivers of local and international markets,” Australian Business Awards Program Director, Ms Tara Johnston, said.

“The ABA100 Winners have demonstrated a commitment to technologically transformative innovation through business initiatives that have propelled them to success in a highly competitive business environment. These organisations not only position themselves as industry leaders, but also push the wider business community towards excellence.

“Those organisations that can continue to evolve alongside ever changing business models will secure their longevity, continually contributing to the marketplace by disrupting the status quo in a positive way,” Ms Johnston added.

Each year the ABA100 Winners are recognised through a variety of different award categories that demonstrate transformative business and product innovation. Corporate, government and non-government organisations are recognised for their ability to drive innovation through the application of technical expertise in the management of industry leading initiatives, and for the research and development of high-performing products and services.

Initiatives are evaluated based on their transformative capacities via a detailed analysis of the method, execution, performance and outcomes of their initiative. A focus is placed on initiatives that have a demonstrable transformative effect both internally within the business and externally in the wider business community.

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