Market Circular – Car Parking and Access at the Melbourne Market

As we settle in to the Market, a reminder is timely of parking allocations and vehicle access to the site.

As per the Market Operating Rules, all vehicles accessing the site need to have a parking allocation.

These rules are in place to ensure the Market can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Up until now, the MMA has been processing late parking requests and resolving parking matters for Market users, so vehicle access has been relaxed to take this into account.

From Monday, 26 October 2015 vehicle access to the Market will tighten and enforcement will commence. To access the Market, vehicles will need to have paid for parking and have a valid permit displayed on their windscreen or access will be denied.

For the small number of Market users that have not finalised their parking allocation, please follow the instructions of the Market Relations Officers that will be located at Gates 1 and 2 from Monday.

Anyone who has a parking allocation and has not paid for it is encouraged to do so immediately as the bay will be reallocated.

Implications and options for vehicles without a reserved parking bay Monday to Friday (5 days per week) are provided below.


Parking waiting list

Anyone on the parking waiting list needing vehicle access to the Market, please follow the instructions of the Market Relations Officers at Gates 1 and 2.


Unreserved parking

If you have purchased unreserved passenger vehicle parking, parking in P1 is recommended. P1 is located at the front of the Melbourne Market Administration Building, accessed via the boom gate prior to arriving at Gate 1. Simply swipe your card at the boom gate to gain access to P1. Refer to the overview map for parking locations.


Casual passenger vehicle parking

Is available outside the Market in P1 – simply collect a ticket at the ticket machine located at the boom gate of the car park located in front of the Melbourne Market Administration Building (P1). Payment is made at the pay station prior to departing. This is similar to what you might experience at major shopping centres or the airport for instance.

The cost is $11 per day, but parking for less than 90 minutes is free of charge. Please note, this parking is for pedestrian access only. No trolleys or produce deliveries are permitted in this area.


Buyer vehicle access on non-allocated days

For buyers needing truck or light commercial vehicle access to the Market on a day when they do not have parking allocated (excluding public holidays), pleasefollow the instructions of the Market Relations Officers at Gates 1 and 2 who will direct you to a bay inside the Market. This parking is $23 per vehicle per day and payable on the spot by credit card.


Contact us about parking

If you need to change your parking or have a query about your allocation you can contact the MMA by:

  • Phone the MMA on 03 9258 6132 or
  • From Monday, 26 October visit Store 78 (across from the Customer Service Centre) on the Fruit and Veg Buyers’ Walk from 4.00 am to 8.00 am.

Finally, please ensure you display your parking permit on your windscreen and park in your nominated bay to ensure your enhanced experience at the Market.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI