March 2015 Epping store holder UPDATE

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March 2015

Epping store holder update

Message from the Minister

I am pleased to announce that the new state-of-the-art fruit, vegetable and flower market in Epping is expected to open on 3 August 2015.

The new market gives Victoria’s fresh produce and cut flower industries the opportunity to grow and to cement their position as a leader in Australia.

Work to relocate stalls and other market operations will commence in late June, and the Government will work closely with market tenants to monitor progress and provide ongoing assistance required to meet the target date.

Over the coming months, all market participants will have many opportunities to visit the new Epping market and familiarise themselves with all the necessary landmarks so that they are prepared on day one of the market opening.

This is an exciting time for all market participants and we look forward to working with you.

The Hon. Jaala Pulford,
Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development.

Site visits

Retailer site visit report

Around 450 fruit and vegetable retailers visited the new Market at Epping, as part of six site visits offered during February. This was a promising show of interest from the Market’s customers.

For most retailers this was the first time they had been to the new Market at Epping, and feedback was very positive. Retailers had a lot of questions on parking, and there was constructive discussion about a range of topics.

The information from retailer parking Expression of Interest (EOI) is currently being analysed, and many of the retailers’ questions will be answered once the parking is finalised.

Part A warehousing site visit report

In late February, businesses in the new Part A warehousing had their first opportunity to inspect the warehousing at the new Market at Epping. Around 80 per cent of businesses attended, mostly fruit and vegetable stand holders.

Also at the visits were a number of commercial licenced builders, panelling and refrigeration contractors, cool room door suppliers, racking contractors, designers and electricians. Market businesses were able to ask questions of these suppliers and start early work on planning the
fit out of their warehousing.

Next round of site visits

Following the parking allocation, line marking on the trading floor should be completed in April, with site visits in May. These site visits will give you the chance to look at your space in relation to your parking, and get a better idea of the logistics.

Store holder tenancy inspections are held every Tuesday at the new Market at Epping by appointment. Please call Root Projects on 9654 0488 to book.

Access to the new Market

Everyone will need a new access card for the new Market at Epping. To get your access card you will need to do an online induction – similar to the one you did for the West Melbourne Market, and have a new photo taken. We’ll let you know when the induction is available – please keep an eye out in the weekly email This Week in the Market for updates.

You will need to get your new card from the new Market at Epping – you’ll be able to pick your card up at a future site visit. 2015 access cards for the new Market will cost $28.20 (inc. GST). If you have a Gold Card, you will not be charged for your access card. Cards will be activated closer to the opening date.

April – May Business principals:

  • Secure vehicle parking allocation
  • Open a Pooling Equipment Account (pallet account) – if required
  • Provide proof of market-related business
  • Meet all other conditions under Operating Rules

  • Complete online induction
  • Complete access card application
  • Meet all other conditions under Operating Rules
May – July Card issued:

Visit the new Market at Epping and present your completed application form and evidence of passing your online induction.

Prior to Market opening Card activated! Giving you access to the new Market.


Fit out update

There has been a lot of progress during last month on the Fresh State bulk delivery of standard store and office fit outs.

Fresh State has selected Schiavello Constructions and Harris HMC to deliver the store fit out works.

These two contractors will fit out the majority of stores and upstairs offices, and are in the process of signing ‘simple works contracts’ with individual store holders.

Work is likely to start in late March and targeted for completion by mid-year, well in time for testing of all the systems and the opening of the new Market at Epping.

If you have any enquiries on the Fresh State store fit out, you can contact John Roach
at Fresh State on (03) 9689 3233 or

Store holders not using the Fresh State standard store fit out process, should contact the Tenancy Coordinator: Root Projects Australia to discuss their requirements on (03) 9654 0488 or email:

Pooling equipment accounts (pallet accounts)

Every fruit and vegetable related business will need an account for pallets (pooling equipment account) for the new Market at Epping.

Pallets have a tangible, monetary value. Items of value that are easily transferrable can lead to conflict or theft within the market. The theft of pallets is estimated to be costing the market community millions of dollars each year increasing the cost of doing business.

If you don’t use pallets, you will need to complete a statutory declaration and you will be exempt from this requirement. If you trade with both CHEP and Loscam, you will need accounts with both.

Setting up an account is free. CHEP and Loscam are working with store and stand holders on initiatives to minimise costs for buyers who do the right thing and return pallets within five days – stay tuned for further details. CHEP and Loscam will be at the Epping Information Centre from mid March to answer queries and to help you to set up a pooling equipment account.

To get an account, contact the providers and tell them you are from the Market:

  • CHEP – call 132 437 or email
  • Loscam – call 1300 309 930 or email

Parking update

The parking Expression of Interest (EOI) has now closed. If you submitted an EOI you will be sent a letter with information about your allocation. If you are not happy with the outcome of the EOI or you missed making an application, you can put your name down on a waiting list with the MMA.

Communication survey

An online survey was open to everyone in the market during February, to provide feedback on how they would like to get information about the transition to the new Market at Epping.

We received almost 300 responses from people representing most groups within the market community.

Survey responses showed there is a the need for up-to-date information from a range of sources. For many, email is most effective because it can be read on a mobile device. Others prefer more traditional means, such as printed information and word of mouth.

Many of the store holders who responded to the survey said they are feeling much better about the relocation compared to 12 months ago. Most store holders said they are currently getting the right amount of information about the new Market at Epping.

Emails directly from the MMA/Department, text messages (SMS) and printed updates were store holders’ preferred communication channels. More than 80 per cent of store holders who responded own a smart phone.

We will continue to offer you a range of ways to keep up-to-date on developments in the lead-up to the transition to the new Market at Epping. 

Finding services near you

You can now work out the closest place to buy coffee, get your forklift serviced or buy supplies. The plan of the Market below shows that no matter where you are located, you won’t be too far from market services. There is a wide variety of outlets, with more to come.

services near you


Forklift/electric vehicle storage

There are three forklift/electric vehicle storage areas in the new Market. In mid-March, an Expression of Interest (EOI) will go out for the allocation of forklift/electric vehicle storage bays.

All businesses that currently have a forklift storage cage licence for the West Melbourne Market will be given priority in the EOI. There will be a site visit on Thursday 26 March 2015
to view the storage areas.

For forklift/electric vehicle storage, businesses will be allocated one of the storage areas based on the location of their business and their parking. If you submit an EOI, you’ll be notified of the outcome in April 2015.


Do you feel you have enough information about the transition to the new Market at Epping?
If not, you’ve got some options:

  • Visit the Epping Information Centre at the centre of the fruit and vegetable market trading floor
  • Contact the MMA team on 03 9258 6100, 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday, or email
  • Visit the MMA website

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For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI