July Update: Store Holders – Leaving West Melbourne

Store holders have a ‘make good’ obligation in their leases. This means that before you vacate the West Melbourne premises you must:

  • leave the premises in good condition;
  • remove your fixtures and fittings; and
  • make good any damage following their removal.

These make good obligations in your lease will only be satisfied if:

  • the premises are left in a clean condition, free from superficial debris, rubbish and waste;
  • all loose and unfixed equipment, plant, materials and products are removed;
  • all liquids are drained from all equipment and pipelines and the liquids are removed from the premises and disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations;
  • any other existing contaminants or hazards are contained within the premises as far as practicable; and
  • the area is left in a safe condition and all buildings and the premises are securely locked in order to prevent unauthorised entry.

The MMA, on request and after inspection, will confirm to a tenant that these make good obligations have been complied with after the premises are vacated

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