Initial survey findings

More than 200 people responded to our recent survey about readiness for the Melbourne Market relocation. Responses were gratefully received and have provided an insight into a range of areas relating to the move, including the amount and quality of information people have been receiving, and how prepared they are.

For instance, the vast majority (80%) of respondents are getting information about the move to Epping from the weekly email, ‘This week in the market’, with half rating the quality of its content as very good. A significant number (28%) are reading the ‘Epping Update’, the printed monthly newsletter that was introduced for the relocation, with a third rating its content as very good or average. Only a small number are watching Market TV screens, so this is a channel requiring improvement.

Nearly three quarters (74%) of respondents had been on at least one site tour of the new market, with more than half rating them as very useful or useful. This is a pleasing result. Of those who hadn’t, most respondents stated they were too busy, followed by those who had yet to get around to it.

In terms of readiness to move, most respondents knew how to get their access card and how to complete their induction, while half understood the new operating rules. For those who felt nervous about the move (31%) support continues to be available through the MMA and the Epping Information Centre.

A more detailed report on the survey’s outcomes will be available on our website soon.

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