Important Valentine’s Day parking arrangements – 646

DATE: 4 February, 2015

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the MMA is working to ease parking congestion around the

National Flower Centre (NFC) during peak times. The MMA will be taking the following steps:

Trading Hours

For Valentine’s Day week, NFC trading hours will be extended on Thursday, 12 February and Saturday, 14 February, opening at 3.30am on Thursday and 4.00am on Saturday and closing at the normal time of 7.30am (normal trading hours will apply on all other days).

Reserved parking bays

* Additional security personnel will be monitoring all NFC car parks.

* All NFC customers with an existing reserved bay will be provided with a temporary sign to

designate their reserved parking bay as theirs. If you believe you are entitled to one please

contact the MMA on 9258 6100.

Reducing impact of surrounding warehouses on parking

* The MMA will be working with surrounding warehouse tenants to minimise their impact on

car parking during trade periods.

Unreserved parking bays

* The MMA will be ensuring that only NFC customers park in designated NFC parking bays on

Tuesday 10, Thursday 12 and Saturday 14 February 2015.

NFC Stand holders (wholesalers and growers)

The MMA encourages all NFC stand holders to keep parking bays close to the NFC clear for

your customers. It is recommended tenants and their staff move their vehicles to the outer car

parks once they have finished unloading their stock.

Please be aware, any car parked in an incorrect bay or found illegally parked (e.g. blocking a

roadway) will receive a parking infringement.

Penalties for parking illegally in the Melbourne Market

A vehicle found illegally parked within the market will receive an infringement of $148.00. This

includes, but is not limited to, parking in a loading area, disabled parking bay, blocking

roadways or doorways.

What to do if you find someone illegally parked?

Immediately report the location and the vehicle’s registration number to a Market Relations

Officer or Charter Security on 9258 6124.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI