Important changes to parking at West Melbourne – 648

DATE: 19 February, 2015

As you might be aware, for the new Market at Epping, a parking permit system will be in place whereby every vehicle that has access to the Market will require a valid parking permit on their windscreen to access the site.

This is so the current issues at West Melbourne are avoided, where Market users who have access to the Market without valid parking bays access the site and park in unreserved parking bays without the right to do so. This can lead to a shortage of parking bays for those who have a paid unreserved parking bay resulting in heavy congestion in high traffic areas.

A pilot parking permit system is being introduced at West Melbourne. This will involve the issuing of a parking permit. If you are part of this pilot, you will receive parking permit stickers with your next parking invoice. This will be valid upon payment of your account and the parking sticker should be placed on the windscreen of your vehicle.

A few points you need to know:

  • Permits are transferable. However if you have one paid parking permit, only one vehicle will be allowed on site at a time.
  • Lost parking permits can be replaced by paying a replacement fee of $20.00 and a statutory declaration stating if it is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Any forgotten parking permits can be replaced at Gate 1 by purchasing a daily parking
  • permit which must be displayed on vehicle windscreen.
  • You can purchase new vehicle parking permits at MMA customer service centre.
  • It’s the business owner’s responsibility to notify the MMA of any changes to employees’ details so the access card and permit can be changed or cancelled.


There are currently a number of 24/7 access card holders who park their vehicles in unreserved bays without valid parking privileges. This 24/7 category was allocated to employees needing access to a business’s store, stand or warehouse. Please note that those vehicles must not park on an unreserved or reserved parking bay without paid parking authorisation, otherwise a parking infringement notice will be issued.

Your cooperation is appreciated in this matter, which will result in a fairer and more efficient parking system for the Market community overall and help us to prepare for the move to our new home.



Mark Maskiell, CEO

Melbourne Market Authority



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