Flower Market Circular, Edition 43 – 16 August 2016

In today’s Flower Market Circular, reminder and update on the power outage this Saturday including a secondary outage for the Flower Market, Market trading hours consultation begins this week and have your say on the North East truck curfew trial.  


Update on the power outage – Saturday 20 August. 

By now, all Flower Market stand holders should have received notification on the power outage on Saturday 20 August.

In case you’ve missed it, here are the key points you need to know:

  1. The outage will occur between 10.30am to 4:00pm on Saturday 20 August
  2. Before the outage, it’s recommended all tenants with cooling keep all PIR panel doors closed to retain desired temperatures as long as possible. As the shut down is only scheduled for five and a half hours, the temperatures won’t change dramatically in cool rooms if PIR panel doors are kept closed. PIR panels used to construct cool rooms are designed to keep temperatures within one degree over a 24 hour period.
  3. Consider minimising stock holdings in coolrooms over the weekend of 20 August.
  4. If you have electronic equipment such as computers or laptops make sure you switch them off and save all data.
  5. If you have cooling, you need to check with your cooling supplier to see if your cooling system will automatically resume once power is restored. If not, you need to either be onsite yourself or have you contractor on site to check your system is up and running.
  6. You can still access the site during the shut down, but restrictions will apply.
  7. If you need power, the MMA can organise a generator (at tenant’s cost). Contact the Help Desk on 0437 006 459 as soon as possible to arrange.
  8. All Market toilets will be closed during the shut down, however port-a-loos will be located on site.

Secondary power shut down on 24 August for the Flower Market. 

In addition to the site-wide power shut down on Saturday 20 August, the Melbourne Market will also be undergoing routine maintenance for the substations on site on 23 & 24 August.

This means, the Flower Market will have no power on 24 August from 1:30pm to 4:30pm in addition to the 20 August site-wide power shut down.

Further details on the power shut down can be found at on the Melbourne Market website or contact the MMA directly via the Help Desk on 0437 006 459.

Market trading hours

The Melbourne Market Authority committed to reviewing Market trading hours 12 months after the new Market opened. This ensures all sectors of our Market community could test how the new Market functions and what opportunities there were to improve the way things are done. So, almost 12 months on, it’s now time to have your say.

With so many moving parts to this review, it’s important that each user group thinks about the key challenges impacting on their own operation, but also how changes to Market hours would consequently impact on the operations of the Market as a whole.

A review of Market hours was conducted in 2014 with the following challenges identified for each user group.

Now that we’ve been operating at Epping for almost a year, are these issues the same? Have new issues come to light? Have changes been made to your business operations that have changed your perspective on Market hours?

Consultation on Market hours has started this week. McKinna et al visited the Market on Tuesday morning to talk with a range of Market users. Following this, they also met with the Flower Advisory Committee to discuss issues specific to teh Flower Market.

If you would like to have your say on Market trading hours, you can get in touch with McKinna et al  on 9696 1966 or email strategicinsights@mckinna.com.au alternatively you can talk with your Flower Committee members.

Industry News

North East truck curfew trial – have your say

As most of you are aware, since August 2015 VicRoads have been trialing a truck curfew in the North East suburbs of Montmorency, Eltham and Viewbank. The trial is due to come to an end and VicRoads are seeking feedback to determine the outcome of the trial.

An online feedback portal is currently available. Make sure you have your say to ensure VicRoads are receiving balanced feedback from both residents and road users or download a copy of the feedback form and return it to VicRoads before the due date.

Feedback closes on Sunday 21 August – don’t miss out!

Click here to enter your feedback online now.


Nice one!

Thank you to all those who donated to Breanna’s wish when the team from Make-A-Wish visited the Market.

The enchanted fairytale ball looked incredible with fresh blooms and foliage from the Market.

We’ve shared some images below and Make-A-Wish will be sending in certificates for all stand holders who donated on the day.

Key Dates

Market power shut down

  • 20 August

Secondary Flower Market power shut down

  • 1:30pm to 4:30pm 24 August

Potential night Market trial.

  • 23 September


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