Flower Market Circular – Edition 36

30 May 2016


In today’s Flower Market Circular we provide an update on recycling in the Market, drinking water and free parking for buyers after a public holiday.

At the Market   

Recycling in the Market. 

Did you know the Flower Market has two dedicated satellite stations (comprising of four separate cages) for recycling of cardboard as well as over 6000 litres of general waste bins available every main trade day?

Image of recycling satellite station. This is more than double the bins supplied at the West Melbourne site!

For the recycling system to work efficiently, it’s important all Market users do the right thing and separate their cardboard, and general waste.

So, help your fellow Market users, and the environment,  in three simple steps:

  1. Ensure you only put general waste in the general waste bins inside the Flower Market. This includes plastic, flowers and the right waste in the right bin.
  2. Take cardboard waste outside to the dedicated cardboard recycling stations in P4 near the trolley hire.
  3. Leave general waste bins in the common areas and don’t take them into a coolroom or move outside.

Lastly, if you see a hazard, report it. If the bins are full or if there is a large amount of waste on ground contact the dedicated Market Relations Officer located inside the Flower Market, or call the help desk 24/7 on 0437 006 459.

Drinking water now available

There is now a dedicated tap in the Flower Market for drinking water. This tap is located outside Apack near the TV screen.

Please note, this tap is labelled “Drinking water”. Any taps with purple pipes labelled “recycled water” are not suitable for drinking.

Free parking for buyers after a public holiday

Buyers with a parking permit to access the Market on a day where a public holiday falls have been able to enter the Market on the following day upon payment of the $23 casual parking fee.

Going forward, the $23 casual fee will not be applicable in these circumstances (for the day immediately following the public holiday only).

For example, Sally has parking as a flower buyer for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If a public holiday falls on a Tuesday, Sally can park at the Market on Wednesday (only) at no additional cost.

Cleaning in the Market  

The Melbourne Market would like to remind all Flower Market stand holders of obligations for keeping your licenced area clean.

To help keep the Flower Market clean and safe for all users Flower Market stand holders must keep stands (including cool rooms) clean, tidy and in good condition. This means removing all items from your stand at the end of the day and includes rubbish, counters, buckets and display stands.

The MMA cleans the common areas of the Flower Market such as the walkways between stands each day. Items left on stands reduce the efficiency of this cleaning process. 

Any waste left on your stand at the end of the day will be removed by the MMA at the cost of the licensee.

For further detail, refer to clause 7.1 and 7.3 of your licence agreement.

Visitors in the Market

Need to bring a visitor on site? Generally, visitors are permitted on site after 8.00am daily and Market users are required to follow correct procedures.

It’s simple, quick and easy.

  1. Complete the online visit a tenant form.
  2.  Visitors are then required to report on arrival to the security control room located at Gate 1 and should arrive 10 minutes prior to required meeting time.
  3. All visitors are required to complete a short induction prior to entering the site and must be picked up from the Gate House by their host.

View full details on how you can bring a visitor on site here.

Key Dates

Queens Birthday public holiday

Monday 13 June, 2016 – Market closed


Quick Tip

Did you know all Market Relations Officers are trained in first aid?

If you can’t find a Market Relations Officer and need first aid call security on 0408 334 555.

Remember, in an emergency call 000.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI